Thursday, February 27, 2014

Are you ready for the 10th KCM Inter College Music Competition?

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The eagerly awaited 10th KCM Inter College Music Competition
Type ICMC and send it to 32200 to get the latest updates about the event on your mobile

Vote for your favorite band and help them to win in the finals
Type ICMC<space>Band Code and then send it to 32200

The band codes for all 11 finalists are
Campion College - Breach not Broken - 15
Malpi B - Vaishnav - 17
Pathshala A - Crypth Desolator - 16
Goldengate A - Deception - 03
Goldengate B - One Fine Day - 08
ISMT - Bethelem - 09
Kathmandu University Dhulikhel - Shunya - 13
Samriddhi College - Frozen Fire - 06
Pathshala C- Nine Gauge - 21
British College - We Rise - 10
Pathshala B - Human Dementia - 20

One of the much talked about music competitions in Nepal, the Inter College Music Competition (ICMC) has been organized by the Students Council of Kathmandu College of Management annually for the past 9 years. Now, the much awaited 10th KCM ICMC finals will be held at Jawalakhel Football Ground on March 22. The preliminary rounds were held at Purple Haze Rock Bar, Thamel on 7th and 8th March. A total of 10 bands along with another band which got a wild card entry made it to the 10th KCM ICMC finals. 

Currently in its 10th edition, this year's ICMC promises to be even bigger, louder and much heavier in industry level setups for sound and lights. Only a limited number of bands from the preliminary round will be selected for the finals at Jawalakhel Stadium. The winners will be selected through rigorous evaluation by the judging panel as well as voting procedures. The winning band will grab cash prize worth Rs. 60000, runner-ups will get Rs. 25000 and second runner-ups will get Rs. 15000 in cash. And yes, one band that emerges as the crowds favorite will be awarded Rs. 5000 in cash. 

Get updates with the latest news on the 10th KCM ICMC
Type ICMC and send it to 32200 to get all the newest updates on your mobile

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moonlight Records to bring Mika Singh for a live concert in Nepal on March 2

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Watch India's No. 1 Playback singer Mika Singh perform live in Nepal for the first time
Type MIKA<space>Your Message for Mika and then send it to 33001
The best messages will be offered free tickets to concert

The popular Indian playback singer Mika Singh will be performing live in front of Nepalese audiences at Sano Gaucharan on March 2nd. Mika singh is a prolific singer, composer, performer and songwriter and has belted out many chartbusters from his solo albums and playback singing for bollywood movies. Acclaimed to be the POWERHOUSE ENTERTAINER, he will perform for the first time in Nepal this coming Sunday.

Moonlight Records are the brainchild organizers behind this eagerly awaited concert. One of the popular most recording labels in Nepal, they have been behind the success stories of contemporary Nepali music stars such as Nima Rumba, Nabin K Bhattarai, 1974 A.D. and many more. Since various chartbuster songs from Mika Singh are already a hit among Nepalese audiences too, the organizers expect a huge number of attendees at the concert, and they also truly aspire to make it one of the largest stage performances in Nepal ever, with maximum visibility. Furthermore, it is needless to say, all the budding Mika Singh fans would love to grab this opportunity to see their star singer performing live in front of them. 

And yes, if you want to grab some free tickets, here is your chance!
Simply send in your message for Mika Singh, and the best messages get free tickets to concert. 
Type MIKA<space>Your Message for Mika and then send it to 33001

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HSEB Grade 11 supplementary results 2070 to be published today

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Get the results of HSEB Grade 11 Supplementary Exams 2070 on your mobile
Type HSEB<space>Symbol No and then send it to 35001
Eg - HSEB 12345678 and then send it to 35001
You will immediately get your result along with marks obtained on your mobile

Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal (HSEB) is publishing the much awaited results for grade 11 supplementary exams today. The results will be live very shortly now. Earlier, when the results of HSEB Grade 11 board exams were published, a number of students had failed in a single subject. All these students were given a chance to reappear in the supplementary exams. The HSEB supplementary exams for grade 11 were held on 25th of Magh. Surprisingly, HSEB has decided to publish the results within a period of 10 days.

Even more surprisingly, the retotal results for grade 12 Management are yet to be published by HSEB. Regardless, it is only a matter of few hours for the results to go live now. Once they are live, get your result on your mobile. Simply type HSEB<space>Your Symbol Number and then send it to 35001. We wish best of luck to all the students who appeared in the supplementary exams.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sparrow SMS Special for Valentine's Day 2014

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This Valentine, send some extra special message to your loved ones. 
Simply type MAYA and then send it to 32048 to get some heart-warming love quotes

Also check how high your love meter is using SparrowSMS
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--- SparrowSMS wishes you all a very Happy Valentine's Day ---

Each year on February 14th, many lovebirds exchange cards, gifts, and yes, roses to express their love and affection for their partner, for it is the day of love itself! But this Valentine, how about doing something slightly simple, but yet infinitely sweet. Simply get some heart warming special messages from Sparrow SMS, and then send them to your loved ones. Moreover since these messages are in Nepa-English, they are much easy to relate to. And it does not just end there, you can also check how high your love is using the Sparrow Love-meter, and then send it to your loved ones.

Simply type MAYA and then send it to 32048 and get some extra special love quotes

Also check your score on the Sparrow SMS love meter 
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

GoalNepal offers a chance to win free mountain flight tickets to its subscribers

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Type GOAL and send it to 35001 to get live game updates
And also grab your chance to win free tickets to exhilarating Mountain Flights


 As a token of appreciation to its subscribers, popular Nepali Football Updates site GoalNepal has offered a chance of the subscribers to win 3 free tickets to mountain flight in a month. All the subscribers who keep on checking live football updates through SMS by sending GOAL to 5001 will be eligible to this offer. The winners will be selected through three lucky draws, each of them will be done at a gap of 10 days. First lucky draw will be done on 17th of February, second on 27th of February, whereas the third and the last lucky draw will be done on 7th of March. It means one lucky subscriber will grab a free ticket to Mountain Flight sponsored by Buddha Air in every 10 days.

With the RedBull Super Six going on right now, more exciting games are going to be played between the top teams in Nepali Footballing Arena. You can get all the live scores and game updates on all these games on your mobile, and also grab a chance to win free tickets to adrenaline junking mountain flights! Simply SMS GOAL to 35001.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why Nepal faces increasing loadshedding hours? [infographics]

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Nepal, despite being the second richest country in natural water resources, faces high hours of load shedding every day. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced yet another increase in power cuts to up to 12 hours a day from February 9, 2014.

Regardless of various efforts from the Government's side to upscale power production time and again, they are yet to minimize the power cuts, let alone the days of gaining power surplus. The major setback has been the ever increasing Power Demand VS the Power Production rate.

In accordance with the annual report of Nepal Electricity Authority 2012/13, Nepal produces about 662 MW and imports 102.5 MW of electricity, total of 764 MW a year. Consumers on the other hand demand about 332 MW more.  The entire deficit between production and demand can be viewed in the infographics below. 

For the latest load-shedding schedules on your mobile Type G and then send it to 35001 

For example, if your group number is 7, type G7 and then send it to 35001


Saturday, February 8, 2014

HSEB Exam routine 2071 for Grade 11 and 12 published

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Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) examination routines for grade 11 and 12 have been published. The examinations for grade 12 will start from 19th of Baishak and will end on 30th of the month. Similarly, the board examinations for grade 11 will from Jestha 1st, just a day after the conclusion of grade 12 boards. They will end on 12th of the same month.

Similarly, the dates for form submission for boards examinations of Grade 11 and 12 have also been notified. The final date of form submission if the last day of the month of Magh. If the deadline is missed, form should be submitted by 15th of Falgun along with a late submission fine. To see the full routine for grade 11 and 12 boards, please see below.

Exam time: 7:00 AM TO 10:00 AM

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Loadshedding Schedule increased to 12 hours a day from February 2014

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Get the latest load-shedding schedules on your mobile
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For example, if your group number is 5, type G5 and then send it to 35001

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has increased the loadshedding schedule from the existing 80 hours a week to 84 hours a week. The new schedule will be applicable from February 9.

Under the latest loadshedding routine, there will be power cuts of exactly 12 hours everyday in a week. Earlier, load shedding routine with power cuts around 11 hours a day was brought into effect on January 2014.

With the peak winter days almost over, people were expect no further rise in loadshedding hours. But amid further depleting production, and ever increase power demand and consumption, NEA had to make a slight yet inevitable increase in the load shedding.

It has already been almost a decade of continuous and acute power shortage in Nepal. As of right now, there is a huge gap of more than 350 MW between power product and power consumption in Nepal. And even though the government has initiated some long term projects to quench the ever increasing thirst among consumers for more electricity, with a annual growth rate of 80 MW in demand, and only 40 MW in production, loadshedding seems to be an unavoidable problem in the years to come. That being said, you do not need to hassle around for each new loadshedding schedule, for you can get it on your mobile using SparrowSMS. Simply type G<Group No.> and then send it to 35001. For example, if your group no. is 5, type G5 and then send it to 35001. You will immediately get a complete loadshedding table of your group on your mobile.

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Picovico founders nominated for Kantipur Men of the year in Science, Information and Technology category

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Hit like to give in your votes, lets make our young innovator's nomination a success
Click on the Kantipur Men of the year nomination link here, and then hit a LIKE and a SHARE 

The esteemed founders of the popular photo-to-video animation app Picovico have been nominated for the Kantipur Men of the year in the category of Science, Information and Technology. The young entrepreneurs Manish Modi and Suraj Sakpota are engineering graduates and now programmers who love to code. At a time when most of photo sharing sites simply allow the users to share their photos, these two came up with the idea of Picovico with a promise to make it different.

The idea of Picovico came when the creators realized how creating a seamless video out of the most memorable photos of people can help convey the story behind those moments in a far convincing way. Doing so not only makes a beautiful video collage that people love to see, but also saves time. The Picovico site has 4 basic steps of creating attractive video using your photos : First select the style of presentation from many of the available templates, then add photos and text, also select the music of your choice, and finally put in the title and credits. Now in no longer than a minute, the entire video is created. Yes, it is indeed as easy as that!

For further information Picovico and its various features, please go through the links given below. 
  1. Picovico Andriod App
  2. Picovico Homepage
  3. Picovico Blog
  4. Ekantipur - Developing in Nepal, Marketing in US - Picovico
  5. Picovico attempts to take Animoto from mountains of Nepal - Pando Daily
  6. From Photo To Video - The Hindu
  7. Create Video from your photos - Aakarpost
  8. Young Entrepreneur help you tell your story - Ekantipur
  9. About pictures that get us hooked - TechCircle
  10. Picovico turn your pictures into amazing videos - Makeuseof
  11. Picovico lets you collate photos and make memorable videos easily - Your story

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Close Up Love Fest 2014 starts with a message to spread love

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Send a special message in special words, dedicated to your special someone
Grab a chance to win 5 Samsung Galaxy Tabs and many more prizes
Simply type CLOSEUP<Space>Your Message and then send it to 32048

Close Up Love Fest 2014 has begun this year to celebrate this season of love with a message to "Get closer and Spread Love". We all have that someone special who makes our life more colorful, whose mere presence can turn our world around, with whom we can share our deepest secrets and warmest feelings, someone who sincerely appreciates you from their hearts. And with the month of love already upon us, Close Up has come up with a unique chance for all the lovebirds to show their feelings for each other in a special way.

Simply think of a message that not only truly reflects and appreciates your love, but also signifies the charm they hold over you. Then type CLOSEUP<Space>Your_Message and send it to 32048. Top five most beautiful and touching messages will grab a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab each. At the same time, other outstanding love messages will also get surprising gift prizes. Similarly, Close Up will be organizing fun couple activities at different venues on February 14th and 15th to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

National Mathematics Olympiad 2014 to be held simultaneously in seven cities of Nepal

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To register through SMS
Type MO<Space><Your FullName><Space><Your College City> and then send it to 34001
For example - MO Sita Adhikari Kathmandu

After much appreciation and success of the first National Mathematics Olympiad held last year, the second National Mathematics Olympiad is all set to be organized nationwide on February 28. Just like on previous occasion, the National Mathematics Olympiad 2014 will also be held in seven different cities across Nepal at the same time. These major cities include Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur from the valley and Butwal, Pokhara, Biratnagar and Bharatpur from outside valley. The competition is open for all the students currently in grade 11, grade 12 and A-levels.

Bloom Nepal has been organizing the competition with a motive to prepare and hone Nepalese Mathematics talents for a much bigger arena of International Mathematics Olympiad, an international competition that recognizes talented math geniuses throughout the world. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) was first held in Romania in 1959 with 7 participant countries. It has gradually expanded to over 100 countries from 5 continents, but Nepal is yet to take a seat in this international event. This year, the top three winners will be awarded cash prizes worth thirty thousand, twenty thousand and ten thousand respectively. Similarly, top 10 winners will get formidable guidance from Bloom Nepal's network in US on college selection, writing of essays, SAT preparation and overall the entire application process. 

With the intend to significantly increase the number of participants, registration via SMS has also been provided this time. All you have to do is simply type MO<Space>FullName<Space>CollegeCityName and then send it to 34001. We highly encourage all the interested participants to grab this inspiring opportunity and give your best to set an aspiring example for others.

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