Friday, March 28, 2014

SLC 2070 in Nepal is done- Now what?

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The ever proclaimed ‘Iron Gate’, SLC exams 2070 is finally over. Now that the students have idle 3 months until the results, the hassle begins to worry them. Wherever they go, whatever they do, all that they are surrounded with are questions regarding their future and career plans. But actually, no student is certain about what they want to be. This is the right pin point where you take time and decide. Even if you are not sure, make a scratch about your options. 
Before we discuss about the options, let us talk about making the three months period productive. The trend is joining the bridge courses with a view to get admitted to reputed educational institutions. The only bright side to this is your reading habit will get a continuation. Other than that, these centers are profit-oriented businesses that produce heavy ads, confuse you and create an anxiety in you if you will get admission in the reputed colleges. Don’t let it influence you that way. If you want to create a flow with your reading habit, it is better to join bridge courses. Else, you need not worry much about the entrance exams. 
School life began since we started remembering things. Yet, the journey of education is long way ahead of you. So, utilize this free period in engaging yourselves with things you wanted to do but you couldn’t during your school life period. Do things that interest you. You could travel, take music classes, dance classes or may be cooking classes. The other option could be taking technical courses or computer courses that will help you in a long run. 

Talk about pursuing your career, know your options first. Basically, the choices that you have are: Science, Management, Humanities, IB (International Baccalaureate) and A-level courses. If you score first division in your results, the society and family categorize you as a ‘Science student’. The ranking given by the family elders and the society is Science on the top, and then other subjects. You should not let this culture influence you. If you choose Science, you are open to many options, True. However, if you are planning to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) in future, why would you choose Science stream? And if you want to become a novelist or a journalist, you should go for Humanities stream and major in English. So, think before you plan. 
This is the right time to think about everything that has been mentioned above. Take time and decide what you want to study. Furthermore, the other concern is selecting the right educational institution. In the present context, the total number of HSEB colleges in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur altogether is 3383. So before you plan about the college that you want to get into, plan about the stream that you want to join. That will narrow down your options. Then, you can think of the convenient locality which plays important role in maintaining your attendance record and punctuality. This way you can figure out the right institution with the subject that you want to study.
The other concern is being economic. Since the competition is fierce between the mass colleges, the entrance exam date is collided. This is a well known trend. So, before you take the entrance form, make sure about the exam date. Also, get away from the concept that cost delivers quality. If you want to make a right choice, make your judgment on the basis of students that they enroll, know the faculty teachers’ name and explore about them and know about your convenience. 

Wish you all the best from the Sparrow SMS team for your future.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Telecom Penetration Reaches 85.86% in Nepal

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The monthly report based on data collected till the date of January,2014 released by NTA shows an increase of 1.86 percent in telephone users in Nepal. Compared to the figure of November 2013, telephone users have increased from 84% percent to 85.86%. The increment is due to 1.6 percent increase in mobile users and 0.01 percent increase in fixed telephone users.

There has been change in the market shares of the telecom companies. NCell and NT have 48 and 44 percent of market shares respectively while UTL and Smart Tel have 3 and 4 percent each. Market share of Ncell decreased from 49% to 48% whereas NT's market share was boosted from 43% to 44%. 

There has also been an increase of 0.86% in the internet penetration in Nepal from 28.92 percent on November 2013 to 29.78 percent as per January 2014. Although, there is increase in number of users of all the internet services, GPRS still leads the users’ choice of internet service with 74,28,419 users while NT’s CDMA comes second with 235,838 users and WiMax service from NT has total 6790 users, previously it had 3,177 users. NT leads with 50 percent of entire market share in internet, while Ncell has 48 percent. UTL and other ISPs have 1 percent of market shares each.

If we look at the data over the last one year, the mobile penetration has increased by 2.7% and there has been 2.6% percent increase in internet users in Nepal.

Overall, the data suggests that the penetration of communication technologies in Nepal is getting stronger and with the introduction of new operators and service providers there is strong competition in the market. While, Ncell still remains to be the most popular brand in telecommunication.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

SLC 2070 - 566,085 students ready to face the iron gate

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The countdown to the much talked about SLC Board Exams 2070 has begun already, with the exams set to start nationwide on March 20. Even though SLC 2069 started on March 14, SLC exams 2070 were scheduled to start on March 20 keeping the festivities of Phagu Poornima in mind. This year, a total of 566,085 students will appear in the exams, a number higher by 54, 920 when compared to the number of examinees last year. The Office of Controller of Examination (OCE), Sano Thimi stated that 419,352 students will appear in the regular category, while a total of 146,733 students will appear in the exempted category. The routine for SLC Boards Nepal 2070 is as given below:

Compulsory English : 2070 Chaitra 6, Thursday

Compulsory Nepali : 2070 Chaitra 7, Friday
Compulsory Mathematics : 2070 Chaitra 9, Sunday
Compulsory Science : 2070 Chaitra 10, Monday
Compulsory Social Studies : 2070 Chaitra 11, Tuesday
Compulsory Health Education and Environment : 2070 Chaitra 12, Wednesday
Optional Paper First : 2070 Chaitra 13, Thursday
Optional Paper Second : 2070 Chaitra 14, Friday

This year, SLC is on its 80th year, and OCE has allocated 1,836 centers all over the country, with 87 centers alone in Kathmandu. But despite all preparations, concerns are already being raised over the results to be published next year. Regardless of several initiatives by the government, the number of passing students has declined to a 41.57% from 68.47% back in 2009. Even a bigger setback for the government has been its own projection made way back in 1998 of touching 100% pass rate in SLC by the year 2012. A huge chunk of failure percentage came from the public school throughout Nepal, with pass rate as low as 30% only. In spite of the declining trend, with a huge media coverage, and a greater interest from the entire nation, students are excepted to fare much better this year.

SparrowSMS wishes all the best to those students who are preparing hard to face the iron gate - SLC 2070

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