Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2015 to feature SMS Booking Facility

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SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2015 in Association with Dell and Intel by Neotreic will feature SMS booking facility for consumers. Sparrow SMS in partnership with the organizers CAN, will introduce SMS booking service for visitors. With the help of SMS Booking Service, customers and visitors will be able to book their favorite items easily via SMS.

To book a particular item, visitors and customers need to,
type Book<space>Stall-No<space>Item and Message and send SMS to 35001.
Say, if anyone wants to book a laptop at stall T79, then they need to Type Book T79 HP Laptop and send SMS to 35001.

With SMS booking service, customers can have the option to purchase their favorite item during any day of the event of even after the event, provided that exhibitors have this option too.

Sparrow SMS has partnered with Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) for SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2015 and will introduce various SMS services to boost consumer participation during the event. Other SMS services provided by Sparrow SMS include Stall Info via SMS and Product Info via SMS. Please check our next blog article at: to learn more about these services


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