Sunday, January 11, 2015

Will HSEB 11 Result be published today? We analyze the situation.

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After results are published, type HSEB<space>Symbol-No and send SMS to 35001 to get results in your phone with marks

Will result be published today?

We can't say or confirm that at this moment of time. Its in HSEB's hands and by the way things have gone over the past few weeks, we can make an assumption that HSEB Result may not be published today. At least, the possibility looks weak.

So what is delaying it?

HSEB has been vacant for the past five months. So is this pushing results backwards? Probably yes, probably no. If HSEB is vacant for the past five months, then HSEB 12 Results would have also taken much more time to be published. But HSEB 12 Results were all published by September end, suggesting that the vacancy at HSEB may not be the sole factor delaying the result.

At this point, we can suppose that the result process, which in itself is a lengthy task, including activities such as paper checking, double verification, digital records and error-free production, is in fact causing the delay. But will all this take nine long months? It may take as HSEB may be willing to trade delays with much more error-free results and records. Remember, last year the results were published on Jan 14.

But as a leading Result Provider in the nation, Sparrow SMS will bring you all the latest news and updates as they happen. So stay with us for updates regarding Class 11 Results.

After results are published, type HSEB<space>Symbol-No and send SMS to 35001 to get results in your phone with marks. For example, if your symbol number is 12345678, then type HSEB 12345678 and send SMS to 5001.


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