Friday, February 13, 2015

Test Your Love and Spread some Love Messages

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To test your love - Type LM<space>Your Name<space>Your Partner's Name and send SMS to 33001. Eg: LM Romeo Juliet
To get Love Quotes - Type Maya and send SMS to 33001 for Love Quotes

You can gift your Valentine in any way you like - it could be gifts, a romantic date or even a flurry of wonderful Love Quotes..... and for the most interesting part, you can try out some fun with Love Meter too.

This Valentine's you can make it all special by trying our Love Meter and Love Quotes. Its the season of love and what else can be more lovely than sending wonderful love messages to your dear one and trying out our love meter.  With Love Meter you can test the strength of your love and where the two of you are most compatible.

To try out Love meter, type LM<space>Your Name<space> and Your Partner's Name and SMS to 33001. For example, LM Romeo Juliet.

To get Love Quotes in your mobile, you simply can type Love and send SMS to 33001

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!


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