Thursday, March 12, 2015

Load shedding to go down by 2 hours/day. लोड्सेडिङ चैत्र २ बाट दुई घण्टाले घट्ने

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Get Load shedding Schedule in your mobile: Type G<Grp-No> and send SMS to 35001 (Eg: G1 for group 1)

Nepal Electricity Authority has announced that it will reduce load shedding by two hours a day. NEA has said that the decrease in load shedding is aimed at helping students appearing for SLC exam to study in the evening hours.

NEA has also confirmed that management of hydro-power stations has been bettered and leakage has been minimized, which has helped to reduce load shedding targeted for SLC exam.

To get load shedding schedule in your mobile, type G<Grp-No> and send SMS to 35001. Eg: G1 for Group 1


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