Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#HackTheQuake - Share Your Ideas for a Better Nepal

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The date Baisakh 12, 2072 is reminded as that very Black Day in our history of Nepal. We all are deeply saddened by the uncountable number of losses we had to bear after the devastating earthquake hit at 11.56 am on Saturday. But, can we not transform this loss into energy to rebuild Nepal once again?

What we would like to ask here is, what have we done when we've failed in phases of our life? We gave up? Or Stood again to attempt it one more time? We have past so many failures and yet we rise again to give our best with the hope that we will win the confidence inside us and finally show everyone what we are capable of! And if we can do it for ourselves, why can't we do for our own nation? Sure, we can; we are the builders and let's stand together to reconstruct what we have lost and make place for the new ones.

So, if you have the power to conquer everyone through your ideas, here's the call for you from #HackTheQuake - an Idea Competition for rebuilding Nepal. HackTheQuake is an initiative taken by  Janaki Technology, IOE Alumni and organized by Nepal Engineers' Association Business Incubation Center together to discover helpful unique solutions to our existing challenges using locally available resources.

The challenges/problems can be anything:
1.       Safe Drinking Water Service
2.       Temporary Settlements
3.       Permanent Housing
4.       Information Access from Rural Areas to the Capital
5.       Solar or Alternative Energy Access
6.       Any Other Miscellaneous Problems

Indeed many organizations and groups have volunteered themselves as helping hands but we believe more can be done by crowd sourcing the ideas from young talented minds for visioning a better perspective in rebuilding the nation.

What are the Rules?
Winners are selected on the basis of the following parameters:
Creativity: Are you creative and thoughtful? Copy pasting wouldn’t help!
Feasibility: Is it implementable in our context with use of local resources and budget wise?
Impact: What is its contribution for people?
THREE winners will be chosen and provided NRS 50,000 each.

How to participate?
Fill in the Participation Form and submit your solution in a proposal format. Your document must clearly illustrate the solutions and its methodology.

For detailed information about the competition, visit http://www.hackthequake.com/ . We are waiting to hear from you! The deadline is June 15!


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