Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Latest Telecom Stats for Nepal

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The latest update regarding telecommunications penetration trend in Nepal is published by NTA. The statistics is focused mostly around data collected by NTA for telephony penetration, internet penetration and market shares of various telecoms in Nepal.  

As per the latest statistics, 98.35% of the total population is connected through telephony which is an increase from the previous record of September/October that recorded 95.58%. Out of these 98.35% users, 87.55% are using their cell phones to connect to their dear ones.

Ncell is still leading in GSM market with 12.1 million users whereas Nepal Telecom is with 9.9 million users only. In contrast to this, Nepal Telecom has covered up 5.6 million data users while Ncell lies nearby with 4.1 million data subscribers. NTC has also been able to increase its market share by 1%. On the other side, Ncell has dropped 2% of its market share for the period of December/January.

Telecommunication is yet to connect the entire population and let's hope none of the people would be isolated from being connected in near future. Here's the presentation to go through for better understanding of the telecommunications impact. 


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