Sunday, June 14, 2015

HackTheQuake’s Last Minute Call for Ideas Submission: Deadline June 15th

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Great ideas for rebuilding Nepal, HackTheQuake’s deadline is near. Many inspiring ideas have been submitted already, are you still falling behind? You still have time till tomorrow i.e June 15th, 2015.

HackTheQuake (the Idea Competition) is an initiative of IOE Alumni led by Nepal Engineers Association, KUBIC and Janaki Technology in support from Yantrakala, Dreams and Robotics Association of Nepal. The motif is to discover ideas creating an impact to present situation (after the devastating quake). Such an event comes with big importance as we have many geniuses with applicable ideas for reconstructing Nepal to a better state. Similar competition was held in Indonesia after the disastrous Tsunami and also in Haiti to overcome such situations via new constructive ideas.

There are various categories under which your ideas can be submitted. Some of them are Safe drinking Water ( eg. rain water collection in monsoon), Temporary Housing, Permanent Housing, Information Access, Energy access ( preferably solar ), Medical supplies, Waste management or any other category of your choice.

Three Winners will provided Rs. 50,000 each along with the mentoring from experts such that the ideas can be taken to the next level.

Challenges are big, and here’s the last minute chance to get the ticket for accomplishing your mission to Rebuild Nepal. Winners are selected on the basis of their idea’s Creativity, Feasibility and Impact. More details can be extracted from  


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