Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Reasons to Download the Sparrow SMS App Right Now

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Mobile applications serve various purposes, but in the end the objective is to simplify lives and give better experience to users, solve their problems, enhance their productivity and keep them engaged.

The objective of Sparrow SMS app is to provide information to users in the easiest and the most convenient way possible

So lets look at the key benefits the App provides.

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Its All-in-One
The Sparrow SMS App is an All-in-One mobile application that combines and brings together different services under one hood. The services of the app include Exam Results, Loadshedding Schedule, Government Services, Dish Home Recharge, Entertainment, Jokes, Horoscope, Daily and Live Prices, Utilities, Date Converter and more.

Just think for once how many applications do you need to download for each of them? With Sparrow SMS app, you get it all within 6 MB.  

Its Data/SMS Backed

So now how does the app operate? SMS? Data? Both? Yes, the app operates on both Data/Wi-Fi and SMS! Again, it’s about simplifying end user experience. The app automatically detects your connection and sets Data/Wi-Fi as the default configuration. If you are connected, you receive the service instantly. If you are not connected, it requests the service through SMS at your permission.

Less Updates

The app’s engine makes it require less updates. New services when added to the app can easily be accessed. The app notifies users about new services in its banner image without having to update the app.
Clean UI

The UI is clean and easy to use. Everything is just there and the screen does not look cluttered at all. Again, it relates to the motto of the app to serve the purpose of providing information within a few taps. 

So give it a try. Download the app from:


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