Sunday, July 5, 2015

Celebrating 10,000+ App Downloads in the First 2 Weeks!

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Even under the pressure, hustles and tough deadlines, we’ve made it through and the happiness has knocked our doors with 10,000+ APP DOWNLOADS in the FIRST 2 weeks of being launched! And the number of downloads is just increasing J

Well, the concept behind app was to deliver information even in absence of internet connection (where internet connection is very poor) via SMS without having to go through the need of remembering SMS format and short codes. And it turns out that some users voted for the concept while some were upset as it incurs SMS charge. So, we've considered every feedback seriously as we believe it will simply help us grow.

Thus, we have now revised the concept and made Sparrow SMS app available both on Wi-fi/Data (online) and SMS (offline); the app will work depending on the connection type. Except for exam results and third party services like Dish Home, Government Services, and Goal Nepal, which are available via SMS only, other many app functionalities such as Loadshedding, Jokes, Quotes, Daily Price and many more will check internet connectivity. If the you are connected, the app will provide information over Wi-Fi/Data and only in the condition when it detects no internet access, the app will work offline via SMS.

Our updated app is live and can be found at:

We expect your ongoing supports in days to come. Today we’ve reached 10,000 and tomorrow, we expect to grow bigger than this! A BIG THANK YOU to all our users for your invaluable contribution J


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