Friday, July 10, 2015

National Youth Conference 2015 Starting from August 12

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National Youth Council is organizing National Youth Conference 2015 from August 12 to 14. The conference will be focused on finding a solution to the common problem of youth migration in Nepal and discovering new opportunities for youth in entrepreneurship in Nepal. According to Saroj Baniya, Founder/President of NYC, "the Seminar aims to bring two young minds from each districts of Nepal, who still see the signs of hope within the country. The Conference will focus on nurturing their young brains to have faith in the country, which will ultimately help them to implement their ideas into industrialization, nation development and personal growth"

The conference has been planned on the same day as International Youth day. It will also see participation from youths from across Nepal and so it is set to be one of the biggest youth conferences in Nepal ever.

The conference will host speakers from different backgrounds such as tourism, government, entrepreneurship, youth psychology and politics. 

Sparrow SMS delighted to partner with National Youth Council and provide SMS support and integration to National Youth Conference 2015. 


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