Thursday, July 23, 2015

One App, Many Benefits

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The Sparrow SMS Mobile App was launched last month. In as little as a month's time it has managed to reach thousands of users. Would it have been possible if there were nothing unique about the app and if the app offered no utilities? Surely not!

The Sparrow SMS app has been envisioned, designed and developed with the aim of providing useful information to users on a common platform.

The app provides:

1. Diverse and useful content on a digital platform which includes exam results to daily and live prices to essential utilities to entertainment, all in one!

2. Ability to provide requested service and content through either Data/Wi-Fi or SMS. Yes, the app determines your default connection and requests to deliver the service as per the connection

3. Light and less frequent updates because it is designed in a way that all important content can be pulled immediately once the user is connected to the internet.

You can test the app and its services from here:


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