Sunday, October 18, 2015

Notice for Filling up HSEB Registration Form

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For the Higher Secondary Schools/ Colleges affiliated to the HSEB, the submission date for registration forms for new admission in Grade 11 (except technical groups) has expired. 

Due to the expiry of the submission date, the HSEB received appeals to extend the date as the forms could not be submitted on time due to the current situation in Terai. Moreover, since the National Human Rights Commission also supported this issue, the HSEB has decided to extend the form submission date to Kartik 13, 2072 (along with late fee). The bank voucher/draft dated Kartik 13, 2072 has to be submitted with a registration form within 7 days in the district offices of HSEB.

Due to the additional responsibilities of the HSEB, the registration date will not be extended any further. The HSEB, thus, requests the political parties to create an environment where the students can fill up and submit the forms on time.


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