Monday, November 9, 2015

Making a difference with WDAC !

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In a world where internet is "The Revolution", it is sad to know that about 80% of Nepalese youth are still disconnected with internet. Internet, which is essential for educational purposes and career opportunities in today’s era, is inaccessible to a major portion of rural communities.

Women Development Advocacy Center intents to eliminate the gap between internet and people in Nepal through a wide range of projects- Connect, Digital Shikshya, Digital Connect Youth Fellowship and access to education. WDAC’s initiative has changed the lives of above 1.5 lakh people.

While talking about WDAC’s project, Executive Director of WDAC, Nanda Kishor Mandal’s eyes lit up. He says, “Our motto is to empower rural community and youth through Information and communications technology (ICT) and knowledge based interventions.” “Since the world is shifting to knowledge based resources from product based concept, we felt the need to connect our youth with internet” says exuberant Kishor.

WDAC was also a major contributor in earthquake relief programs. WDAC also promotes rural women by getting them to explore their talent and marketing their crafts.

Sparrow SMS is proud to be associated with WDAC and will extend every possible support to WDAC for all its programs.


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