Sunday, December 27, 2015

Integrity Idol Nepal: Naming and Faming the Good Guys

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To vote for your favorite candidate: SMS IIN<space><voting code> to 34001
The principal idea behind “Integrity Idol” is “Not to name and shame the wrong guys, but to Name and fame the good guy”.

This was the line stated by Blair Glencorse, the creator of the Integrity Idol.
The research shows that Corruption costs around 1 trillion dollars every year and sadly 3.6 million people die every year due to corruption.

Integrity idol Nepal campaign is in search for most honest government officials in Nepal. Through this campaign, Integrity idol wants to motivate such honest officials and show the importance of integrity and accountability. 

Such officials are nominated through citizen polling, panel discussions. This program includes nationwide campaigns, TV show, SMS outreach and voting, social media, etc.
All the nominated officials have been contributing in promoting honesty in their work and supporting anti-corruption. 
The nominations for this year Integrity Idol Nepal are:
(Pradip Raj Kanel) 

Chief District Officer
Voting Code: 01

(Ram Narayan Shah) 

Resource Person
Voting Code: 02

(Ramesh Kumar Thapa) 

Assistant Management Officer
Voting Code: 03

(Deepak Shrestha) 

School Principal
Voting Code: 04

(Bhuwan Kumari Rai )

Women Development Inspector
 Voting Code: 05

So do vote your favorite government official, to motivate such honest officials and encourage such much needed integrity in our corrupt system of Nepal. An awards ceremony is held after finalists are selected and throughout the process citizens are encouraged to vote for their Integrity Idol.
The voting lines are opened till 11:59 pm, 29 December 2015.
The award ceremony will be held on 8 January 2015 , Friday.

Sparrow SMS feels proud to be associated with Accountability lab and Integrity Idol Nepal, in promoting integrity and anti-corruption in Nepal.

To vote for your favorite candidate: SMS IIN<space><voting code> to 34001
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