Wednesday, April 29, 2015

HSEB Postpones Grade 11 and Grade 12 Examinations

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Saturday witnessed the nation's biggest disaster in as many as 80 years. The terrifying situation has also forced Higher Secondary Education Board to postpone the examinations of Grade 11 and Grade 12. HSEB announced an emergency meting on Wednesday and made the decision to shift the examination until further notice.

HSEB has also stated that it will publish the new routine with 15 days prior notice. Sparrow SMS will bring you the latest news on the latest routine.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Loadshedding Goes Down to 47 Hours a Week - लोड्सेडिङ घट्यो - अब हप्ताको मात्र ४७ घण्टा

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To get the latest loadshedding schedule, type G<Grp-No> and send SMS to 35001. Eg: G1 for Group 1

Nepal Electricity has reduced loadshedding to 47 hours a week from 55 hours a week. The news comes this morning as NEA believes reduction in consumption and increase in water flow in rivers has led to reduced load in power grids.

नेपाल बिध्युत प्राधिकरणले लोड्सेडिङ तलिकामा फेरबदल गरेको छ | लोड्सेडिङ्लाई हप्ताको ५५ घण्टाबाट घटाई ४७ घण्टामा ल्याइएको छ | घट्दो खपत र नदिहरुमा बढ्दो बहाव ले गर्दा लोड्सेडिङ  घटाईएको हो |

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Miss SLC National Begins

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Miss SLC National 2015, the fourth major beauty pageant by YouOne International Events has started. The auditions have been complete and 31 young, aspiring candidates have been selected for the final round. They are now undergoing intensive training for further refinement of their skills and beauty.

Miss SLC National is the first ever beauty pageant by YouOne Internaional Events targeting SLC appeared young ladies. The company has already had success with their previous events Miss Plus Two Nepal, Miss Teenager International and Miss Nepal Culture. The company has said that it has big plans for 2015 to take beauty pageants to the next level in Nepal.

Sparrow SMS is proud to partner with YouOne International Events for Miss SLC National 2015. We will bring you details of

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Marwari Idol Nepal 2015 Begins

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Little Marwari Idol 2015, an exclusive pageant to discover new gems of talent among children of Marwari Community has started in Kathmandu. 40 young and promising children have been selected for the training round which includes 28 girls and 12 boys. 

The pageant looks to provide a platform for these children to showcase the best talents in them. Exciting prizes are also on offer to the winners in various categories such as Little Marwari Idol 2015, First Runner Up, Second Runner Up, Best Catwalk, Most Friendly, Best Smile and Best Disciplined.

The children are undergoing training at the moment. 

SMS voting lines are open. To vote for your little idol, type LMI<>B<>Tag No and SMS to 33001 (for boys) and LMI<>G<>Tag No (for girls). 

Further assistance on SMS voting can be obtained from the official Facebook Page of Little Marwari Idol:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Open Space Nepal 60 Seconds International Film Festival Voting Begins

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To vote, type OSN<space>Voting ID and send SMS to 32200

SMS voting lines for 60 seconds International Film Festival has begun. According to the official website of 60SIFF and Open Space Nepal, ''60 Second Intl Film Festival (60SIFF) is a film festival initiated to encourage the youth to step up and ‘film’ their thoughts. 60SIFF operates to empower the youth and to create awareness about global issues. It forms a community of participants and viewers. Every year we are one step closer to bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties between today’s youth.'' 60SIFF was initiated in Pakistan and has been franchised to other countries too, including Nepal where it is held by Open Space Nepal. 

The festival looks to bring together creativity and presentation of contemporary issues in the form of films made by youth. 

Voting lines are open for the contest. Sparrow SMS has partnered with Open Space Nepal for SMS voting system.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rotaract District and Picovico Jointly Present Video Making Contest

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Get the Picovico app from:

Rotaract District Nepal is organizing a video making contest open to all Rotaract members. The main theme of the contest is 'My Years in Rotaract' and is supplemented by the hashtag #myyearsinrotaract. Participating members will  have to select their photos of their work in Rotaract and make one video from it using the Picovico Android app.

The contest will use Picovico as the video making platform. Picovico is an Android app which lets you convert your photos into video slideshows using different themes and music. The contest is open to all national and international Rotaract members.  

Exciting prizes are on offer to winners of the contest which will be announced in Rotaract District Nepal's next event in June.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

CTC Mobile Bazar Samsung Galaxy J1 Mobile Expo Ending Today

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The biggest mobile expo of the nation, CTC Mobile Bazar Samsung Galaxy J1 Mobile Expo is ending today. The nine day expo which is featuring more than 100 mobile stalls and more than 20 mobile brands has so far seen lakhs of visitors and more than 5 crores of transaction.

The expo is featuring Daily Lucky Draw from which prizes such as new mobiles, cash-backs and huge discounts are being given away. There is a special lucky draw for SLC appeared students and new mobiles are being given away everyday for them too.

Remember to take part in the lucky draw. After purchasing a mobile, SMS CTC<>Coupon Code to 35455 and you could win great prizes. 

So, today is the final day to visit the expo, get your favorite mobile and take part in the Lucky Draw and who knows, be person and win big prizes. Sparrow SMS is also present at the expo and you are welcome to visit us at third floor.

Friday, April 17, 2015

लोड्शेडिङ घट्यो ! नयाँ तलिकाको लागि G(Group-Number) टाइप गरी 5001 मा SMS गर्नुहोस !

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नयाँ लोड्शेडिङ्को तालिका पाउनको लागिG<Grp-No> टाइप गरी 5001 मा SMS गर्नुहोस | जस्तै तपाईंँको समूह १ हो भने G1 टाइप गरी 5001 मा SMS गर्नुहोस |

नेपाल बिध्युत प्राधिकरणले लोड्शेडिङ फेरी घटाएको छ | नदिहरुमा बढ्दो पानीको रफ्तार र खपतमा भएको कमीलाई मध्यानजर गर्दै लोड्शेडिङ घटाइएको हो |

To get the latest loadshedding schedule, Type G<Grp-No> and SMS to 5001. ( Eg: G1 )

NEA has reduced Loadshedding to 56 hours a week. NEA has said that loadshedding has been because of increasing flow of water in the rivers and reduction in consumption.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Miss Marwadi 2015 to be Held Soon

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Once again Eros Events House presents Miss Marwadi. Like the previous events , the pageant of 2015 will also look to seek and uncover new talents from Marwari Community. Eros Events House has been providing the best platform for participants for the last three years in Miss Marwari. Auditions outside Kathmandu will be held on May 16th and auditions in Kathmandu will be held on 23rd May. The finale of the event is set to take place on June 20. A total of 25-30 participants are expected to make the final round.

Sparrow SMS is glad to partner with Miss Marwadi 2015 as the official SMS partner. We will be bringing you more updates on the event soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015

CTC Mobile Bazaar Samsung Galaxy J1 Mobile Expo begins

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To participate in lucky draw, type CTC<>coupon code and send SMS to 5455. Coupon code is received after buying a mobile set from any vendor

The biggest mobile expo in Nepal, the Samsung Galaxy J1 mobile expo has started from today, April 10. The expo will run till April 18. The organizers, CTC Mobile Bazaar have said that they are looking to attract more than 300,000 visitors throughout the event,

The expo is featuring many offers through lucky draw. They include cash back offers and flat discounts up to 55%. The expo will also feature special lucky draw for the recently SLC appeared students.

Sparrow SMS is proud to partner with CTC Mobile Bazaar as the official SMS partner for the event.

Monday, April 6, 2015

CTC MobileBazar Mobile Expo 2015 Starting Soon.

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CTC MobileBazar presents Samsung Galaxy J1 Mobile Expo 2015 at CTC Mall, Sundhara. The exhibition is set to take place in the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of CTC Mall. The exhibition will begin from Chaitra 27 and will run till Baisakh first week.

The exhibition is set to feature more than 100 mobile showrooms and more than 16 authorized service centers. The organizers have said that the exhibition will feature mobile phones with 8 to 55% discounts.

The expo will be targeted towards recently SLC-appeared students with provisions of Lucky Draws and exciting gift hampers.

Sparrow SMS has partered with CTC MobileBazar as the official SMS partner for Samsung J1 Mobile Expo 2015.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rotaract District President's Meet Successfully held.

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Rotaract Club of Kantipur and Pashupati successfully organized Rotaract District President's Meet on April 4. The event saw members and presidents from different Rotaract Chapters throughout Nepal be a part of a day-long session that featured discussions on taking clubs forward, training on improving club activities and plannings on the up coming year at Rotaract.

Sparrow SMS was at the event as the official SMS partner. To improve member participation and enthuisiasm, Rotaract District has introduced SMS contest where members can send SMS under various keywords to 32200 and win exciting prizes.

Along with Sparrow SMS, Picovico, the mobile application that lets you convert your photos into videos was also there. Rotaract and Picovico also introduced a video-making competition under various themes such as #MyYearsinRotartact, #ColorsofNepal and #Mymemorie by using the Picovico app (

Thursday, April 2, 2015

लोड्शेदिङ शनिबार बाट घट्दै - Loadshedding going down from this Saturday

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नेपाल बिध्युत प्राधिकरण्ले शनिबार देखी दिनको दुई घण्टा लोड्शेदिङ घटाउने भएको छ | नयाँ तालिका पाउनको लागि G<Grp-No> टाइप गरी 35001 मा SMS गर्नुहोस  !

NEA has decided to reduce loadshedding from this Saturday, Chaitra 21. To get the latest schedule, type G<Grp-No> and send SMS to 35001.

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