Sunday, February 7, 2016

7th National Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition 2072

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The 7th National Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition 2072 is being organized BY CESS-Nepal starting 8th February. The 3 days’ event will feature a variety of competitions, presentation programs, and live music among others. 

Nepal suffered a massive earthquake on April 25, leading to a loss of huge number of life and property. The engineering exhibition has been organized to help rebuild Nepal. CESS Nepal feels that civil Engineers have a huge responsibility in the task of rebuilding nation.

The students’ community has been conducting flash mobs in different parts of the city as a part of the event.

Tika Thapa, the spokesperson of the organizing community said, "The nation being in the rebuilding phase, the exhibition has focused on rebuilding the country. Model Competition, Seminars, Information stalls, a lot of intellect programs on offer are the attractions of the event among others.”  “Plus with some entertainment programs such as stunts, games, I think it’s a must visit event.” a euphoric Thapa added.

CESS Civil Engineering Students’ Society Nepal was established with a view to help in the production of talented, creative and dedicated hi-tech civil engineers and to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical education in Nepal.

Sparrow SMS is proud to partner with CESS Nepal for the 7th National Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition 2072.

Date: Magh 25, 26 & 27, 2072

Venue: IOE, Central Campus, Pulchowk.


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