Friday, May 6, 2016

LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD With Youth Speak Forum Nepal

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AIESEC is an organization of over 100,000 students and fresh graduates present in over 133 countries all over the world providing the members with ample of opportunities to stand out among their fellow graduates. The main aim of AIESEC is to engage the youth and stimulate them towards changing the world with their progressive thinking and out of the box ideas. In order to engage the youth in leadership, AIESEC presents Youth Speak Forums(YSF) all over the world. YSFs are conducted with a view to convert ideas to actions.

With the notion of "The way the world will be shaped by 2030 depends on us.", AIESEC Nepal presents Youth Speak Forum-Nepal being held on 21st May 2016 at Trade Tower, Shangri-La. YSFs are administered across three phases: Inspire, Engage and Act; the key concept this year are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Tangible ideas generated via the forums are then communicated across the network of over 70,000 young students, which, then are converted into plans and actions across the globe and communicated to the UN.

When asked how Youth Speak Forum is more unique than other talk forums of similar kind, Sagol Ghale Gurung, External Relations for Youth Speak says, “Well tell me a thing, can you imagine your voice being heard by the Secretary of the UN? I mean Nepal is one tiny nation among 200 nations, and you are one person among the world population of over 7 billion, the possibility is quite diminished, isn’t it? Well, there's a way to get your voice all the way over there, heard and accounted for.”

“That way is the youth Speak survey which is presented to the United Nations every year by AIESEC Nepal and this can only be done through the Youth Speak Forum. YSF is going to held first time in Nepal, and it is one of its kind. Here the inspirer meets the inspired (youths like us) to formulate ideas and plans to go forth to the United Nation. So LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD", adds vivacious Sagol.

Sparrow SMS proudly announces its partnership with AIESEC Nepal for Youth Speak Forum Nepal. We wish the entire team of AIESEC Nepal a very best for the event. Sparrow SMS, heartily, extends every form of feasible support to AIESEC Nepal.

For more details, SMS YSF to 32048.


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