Wednesday, July 27, 2016

२०७२ सालको पुनर्योगको नतिजा प्रकाशित ! (SLC Retotalling 2072 Results Published)

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SLC Re-total result 2072 has been published

Sparrow SMS Congratulates all the students.

Sparrow SMS is a regular provider of SLC Supplementary results, HSEB Results in 35001.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

KhaniKhola Hydropower Company को IPO नतिजा प्रक्रशित !!

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Type KKH<space>Application No. and send SMS to 32200.

The allotment of shares under the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of  KhaniKhola Hydropower Company has been published. Allotment for investors who had applied from Rs 5000 or 50 units to Rs 60,000 or 600 units shares was decided through lottery and investors who had applied for Rs 61,000 or 610 units to Rs 100,000 or 1,000 units were allotted 1.60% on pro-rata basis. Result can be viewed from SMS or Sparrow App. Please follow the instructions below:

How to view IPO Allotment Result of  KhaniKhola Hydropower Company (KKH) ?

The IPO Allotment will be available through SMS.

Type KKH<space>Application No. and send SMS to 32200.

एउटा स्पेस>Application Number टाइप गरी 32200 मा SMS गर्नुहोस् |

Similarly, results can be viewed directly from Sparrow App's Stocks and Commodities Section (Download Link:नतीजा Sparrow App {} बाट पनि उपलभ्ध हुनेछ, App को 'Stocks and Commodities Section' बाट आफ्नो Application No हालेर SMS हेर्नसकिने )

KhaniKhola Hydropower Company had floated its Initial Public Offering (IPO) 9, 31,429 unit shares worth Rs 9.31 crore as part of its initial public offering (IPO) from Jestha 16, 2073 till Jestha 19, 2073

The IPO was oversubscribed by 73 times
be applied was between 50-50,0000.
Civil Capital Market Limited has been assigned as the issue manager for the IPO issue.
Type KKH<space>Application No. and send SMS to 32200.

एसएलसीको पूरकको परीक्षा साउन १४, २०७३ !

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SLC नतिजा  Format : SLC<space>Symbol-number type गरी   35001 मा  SMSपठाउने  (जस्तै  SLC 1111111A type गरी  35001 मा  SMS send  गर्ने  )  

परीक्षा नियन्त्रण कार्यालय सानोठिमीले यही साउन १४ गतेबाट सुरु हुने एसएलसी पूरक अर्थात् ग्रेड वृद्धि परीक्षाको तयारी पूरा गरेको छ | 
दुई विषयसम्म सैद्धान्तिकतर्फ ‘डी’ र ‘इ’ ग्रेड ल्याएर पूरक परीक्षा दिन पाउने | कुल एक लाख ४७ हजार ५८३ जनाले एसएलसीको पूरकको परीक्षा  दिनेछ  ।

परीक्षा साउन १४ देखि २१ गतेसम्म बिहान ८ देखि ११ बजेसम्म सञ्चालन हुनेछ |

परीक्षा तालिका :

After SLC Supplementary results 2072 are officially published by OCE, type SLC<space>Symbol-No & send SMS to 35001 or Download Sparrow App from & check your result.

Monday, July 18, 2016

National Youth Conference Coming Soon!

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Year after year, National Youth Council has been organizing the National Youth Conference to bring together youth from the entire nation. National Youth Conference is being held for the second time between August 10-12.
The National Youth Conference 2016 will bring together motivated youths from every district of Nepal to motivate, inspire and prepare for change. The 3-day conference program aims to provide youths with a platform to connect with like-minded people and to develop their personalities and encourage leadership and entrepreneurship among them. The program also intends to provide youth with an opportunity to develop industry specific knowledge.

Youths are the torch-bearer of the change Since youth are the center for national development, awareness and productivity should be developed among them. National Youth Conference is put together with a notion of “Nepalese youth need to work for each other”.

Through this conference, National Youth Council aims to build traits which will help Nepalese youth to sustain themselves within the boundaries of the country. With all the changes taking place within a country, youths have a huge role to play and to bring that undeniably effective force into the mainstream of nation changing campaigns is as challenging as it might be, it is essential.
“To execute the positive thoughts into nation developing activities and to unite the youth force for their skill contribution in their motherland is the present challenge that looms in the context of Nepal.  Having said that with the target of bringing two potential future leaders at a single platform, who can direct the upcoming generation of their districts for the overall growth of the country, bringing the positive changes within them through the training focused on Entrepreneurship development & Personality Development, we propose National Youth Conference 2016.”, said energetic Saroj Baniya, Founder/President of NYC
NYC 2015 witnessed the presence of 168 participants from over 68 districts. For the National Youth Conference 2016, the new participants from those 68 districts shall take part. In addition, the event shall be promoted in remaining 7 districts of the country so that participants of all districts of Nepal would be the part of the program.
Sparrow SMS is proud to partner with the National Youth Council for the second time for National Youth Conference 2016.

 SMS NYC2016 to 33001 for more info about the conference.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

GREEN DEVELOPMENT BANK (GDB) IPO Result of less than 900 shares Published

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The IPO Allotment result of those who has applied for less than 900 shares of Green Develoment Bank has been published. Result can be viewed from SMS or Sparrow App. Please read institutions below
How to view IPO Allotment Result of Green Development Bank?

The IPO Allotment will be available through SMS.

Type GDB<space>Application No. and send SMS to 32200.

एउटा स्पेस )Application Number टाइप गरी 32200 मा SMS गर्नुहोस्

Similarly, results can be viewed directly from Sparrow App's Stocks and Commodities Section (Download Link: 
Type GDB<space>Application No. and send SMS to 32200.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Important notice for CTEVT students!

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Council for Technical education & Vocational Training (CTEVT) has published an important notice regarding CTEVT application form submission and examinations.

Students filling up scholarship form as per the notice published by Council for Technical education & Vocational Training, Office of Controller of Examinations published on 8th Ashad, 2073 cannot apply for scholarship. And the students filling up forms full entry fees can submit two different forms. Following this protocol, the students can sit for the examinations, and students applying for revised forms should submit their applications accordingly, said the notice published by CTEVT on 27th Ashad.
Towards Classified Scholarship
Full Entry Fees
Last date for form submission
Shrawan 3, 2073

Places distributing and collecting forms
Related educational institutions
(Application forms are available on official website of CTEVT: as well)
Date and time for entrance examinations
Shrawan 5, 2073. Wednesday
5 a.m.
Shrawan 5, 2073. Wednesday
1 p.m.
Exam duration
2 hours
2 hours
Exam center
Centers allotted by relative educational institutions

The above notice can be viewed on the website of CTEVT: For further information, contact number of OCE: 016630342.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

No more streams in +2 anymore?

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The 8th Amendment of the Education Bill is all set to bring about yet another change in education system. For years, you have embraced one stream among Science, Management, Humanities and Education and pursued careers accordingly. Here’s a change, there will not be streams anymore!
With the implementation of the new education amendment bill, education between Grade 6-12 is going to be introduced under two thresholds. Education had been divided under four streams- Science, Management, Humanities and Education up until now.
National Education Board has been making preparations to eliminate streams at Grades 11 and 12 and acquaint subjective curriculum informed Member Secretary of the board and Joint Secretary Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi.
HSEB has been operating four streams in Plus two education for the past 24 years. But from now onwards, Grade 6-12 will be considered school level education, due to which there will only be two edges as per the new enactment of the education bill confirmed Awasthi.

Two Edges: Technical and Regular
Students can choose between technical and regular in Grade 6 and continue with their choices till Grade 12. “Under Regular categories students can study their preferred subjects.” He said, “Students will be relieved from the pressure of embracing between the streams.”
Modifications will be made in the curriculum of Grade 6-12. “If a student prefers Physics and Mathematics, he can major in Mathematics. Similarly, if a student has interest in Music, he can continue his studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Music.” He said, “Even if someone is more inclined towards Music, he can pursue engineering later in his career. Students, now, can choose multidimensional paths for education at universities.”
By reducing hassles related to streams, the new education system provides students with an opportunity to continue thematic education. According to him, 8 subjects in Grade 10 will also be reduced to just 5.
Board of Educator and Curriculum (Grade11 and 12) suggested that subjective group could be a more apt way of education in Nepal. “Students will receive basic university education right from Grade VI and specialization can be done only in university level. This form of educational is adopted round the world.”
“With the approval of the Education Amendment Bill, it’d be better to introduce a new base and subjective education which, in result, will impact education system in Nepal positively.”
Science stream is considered superior to management, and management gives no importance to humanities stream and negative perception towards education faculty is causing distortion of Plus two education. According to him, revocation of all the four streams and moving ahead with integrated curriculum is going to prove itself as an achievement.
Can’t wait to see how this turns out? We cannot too.
The current year has been revolutionary in the face of education in Nepal. We certainly hope that all these changes are going to improve the status of Nepali education and shift the entire education paradigm towards learning rather than grades.
With all these changes happening simultaneously in education system, it might get difficult to keep yourself updated. So,
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ICSE paves way for Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal!

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International Conference was successfully held over a period of two days by King’s college in collaboration with over 30 partners. 8 international speakers from all around the world along with 30 national speakers shared their insight in social entrepreneurship.
According to former Finance Secretary, Rameshwor Khanal, major challenges faced in social entrepreneurship is lack of finance and acceptance in general.
Additionally, the session moderated by Anil Chitrakar highlighted that the essence of entrepreneurship lies in the ability to take risks and persist towards your goals.
Siddartha Rajhans, a first generation technology entrepreneur, a Silicon Valley Technocrat, management researcher, TEDx and motivational speaker and Pioneer of the Outernet Technology in India talked about his experience of working as a technological entrepreneur. Spacify Inc., a project initiated by him has been providing internet access to rural communities in India of whom students are huge beneficiaries.

Anil Chitrakar and Rameshwor Khanal highlighted the opportunities of social entrepreneurship in Nepal. Social problems are not problems but lucrative business opportunities that need to be explored. 
Similarly, Prof Jay Mitra, Essex Business School talked about the essentials of social entrepreneurship such as resilience, adaptability and sustainability of the business.”Social entrepreneurship is distinct due to its social value, inclusiveness, sustainability, localization and broad-based stake-holding.”, he added.
Lena Ramfelt, Co-Founder of Gear up Ventures presented her talk on “Don’t take entrepreneurship out of social entrepreneurship” and discussed her own experience along with useful advice while walking down the path of entrepreneurship.
Research papers related to social entrepreneurship were also presented at the conference. A few of the projects accomplished by Sherpa Adventure Gear in the sector of social entrepreneurship were also showcased at the conference by the CEO, Aashutosh Tiwari.
Policies of government in social entrepreneurship were also discussed.
Similarly, on the day two, there were three breakout sessions twice. Amit Agrawal, CEO of Janakitech moderated the session on ‘Technological Entrepreneurship and Management’. The panelists included:
Mr Siddharth Rajhans from Apple (Singapore)
Allen Bailochan Tuladhar from Microsoft
Mr. Atulya Pandey from PageVamp
Mr Sibjan Chaulagain from Ict4agri Nepal
Prof. SuryaNarayana from India.

ICSE also offered opportunities for social enterprises to showcase their products and services. ICSE aimed to bring together academicians, practitioners, and entrepreneurs to make common understanding about social entrepreneurship and provide a platform for networking to people with similar interests. Nepal is going through a capital transformation now and social entrepreneurship is the solution to address all the socio-economic challenges faced currently. For a long time, entrepreneurship has been associated with a misconception that it reaps optimum benefits to the investors. Social entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs opportunities along with providing solutions to its beneficiaries. Social entrepreneurship, we believe, will boost the economy along with improving the quality of life.

 Sparrow SMS congratulates the entire team of Conference on Social Entrepreneurship for initiating a step in this direction and we hope that all the participants are inspired towards exploring challenges and turning them into socio-business solutions.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

No more Primary, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary level in Schools!

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The Education Act, 1971 (8th Amendment) passed by the parliament earlier has been approved by the President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Wednesday, June 29. This means, now both the HSEB and OCE will be transformed into National Examination Board. The entire school education system will be handled by Department of Education (DoE) from now onwards.
The outgoing Vice Chairman of HSEB, Chaitanya Sharma said that additional resources will be required since new curriculum design is being introduced and better management of NEB (which is now huge).
Above 3600 higher secondary schools monitored by the HSEB will be looked after by the National Examination Board.
Basic Education has been structured till Grade 8. Grade 9-12 will be called secondary level. School level will not be segregated into Primary, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary anymore. Examinations of basic level will be regulated from District Examination Office. Passing Grade 12 will be equivalent to +2.

The first meeting chaired by the Education Secretary Bishwo Prakash Pandit decided that all the 425 employees of HSEB are now the personnel of NEB.
Proper implementation of this bill will lead to better management of basic education system in Nepal. Furthermore, elimination of SLC from Grade 10 will thrust the pressure of getting better grades for students out of better doors and direct their efforts towards learning.
We look forward to enactment of this bill and hope to see a change in the face of Education in Nepal.
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