Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ICSE paves way for Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal!

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International Conference was successfully held over a period of two days by King’s college in collaboration with over 30 partners. 8 international speakers from all around the world along with 30 national speakers shared their insight in social entrepreneurship.
According to former Finance Secretary, Rameshwor Khanal, major challenges faced in social entrepreneurship is lack of finance and acceptance in general.
Additionally, the session moderated by Anil Chitrakar highlighted that the essence of entrepreneurship lies in the ability to take risks and persist towards your goals.
Siddartha Rajhans, a first generation technology entrepreneur, a Silicon Valley Technocrat, management researcher, TEDx and motivational speaker and Pioneer of the Outernet Technology in India talked about his experience of working as a technological entrepreneur. Spacify Inc., a project initiated by him has been providing internet access to rural communities in India of whom students are huge beneficiaries.

Anil Chitrakar and Rameshwor Khanal highlighted the opportunities of social entrepreneurship in Nepal. Social problems are not problems but lucrative business opportunities that need to be explored. 
Similarly, Prof Jay Mitra, Essex Business School talked about the essentials of social entrepreneurship such as resilience, adaptability and sustainability of the business.”Social entrepreneurship is distinct due to its social value, inclusiveness, sustainability, localization and broad-based stake-holding.”, he added.
Lena Ramfelt, Co-Founder of Gear up Ventures presented her talk on “Don’t take entrepreneurship out of social entrepreneurship” and discussed her own experience along with useful advice while walking down the path of entrepreneurship.
Research papers related to social entrepreneurship were also presented at the conference. A few of the projects accomplished by Sherpa Adventure Gear in the sector of social entrepreneurship were also showcased at the conference by the CEO, Aashutosh Tiwari.
Policies of government in social entrepreneurship were also discussed.
Similarly, on the day two, there were three breakout sessions twice. Amit Agrawal, CEO of Janakitech moderated the session on ‘Technological Entrepreneurship and Management’. The panelists included:
Mr Siddharth Rajhans from Apple (Singapore)
Allen Bailochan Tuladhar from Microsoft
Mr. Atulya Pandey from PageVamp
Mr Sibjan Chaulagain from Ict4agri Nepal
Prof. SuryaNarayana from India.

ICSE also offered opportunities for social enterprises to showcase their products and services. ICSE aimed to bring together academicians, practitioners, and entrepreneurs to make common understanding about social entrepreneurship and provide a platform for networking to people with similar interests. Nepal is going through a capital transformation now and social entrepreneurship is the solution to address all the socio-economic challenges faced currently. For a long time, entrepreneurship has been associated with a misconception that it reaps optimum benefits to the investors. Social entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs opportunities along with providing solutions to its beneficiaries. Social entrepreneurship, we believe, will boost the economy along with improving the quality of life.

 Sparrow SMS congratulates the entire team of Conference on Social Entrepreneurship for initiating a step in this direction and we hope that all the participants are inspired towards exploring challenges and turning them into socio-business solutions.


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