Sunday, July 3, 2016

No more Primary, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary level in Schools!

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The Education Act, 1971 (8th Amendment) passed by the parliament earlier has been approved by the President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Wednesday, June 29. This means, now both the HSEB and OCE will be transformed into National Examination Board. The entire school education system will be handled by Department of Education (DoE) from now onwards.
The outgoing Vice Chairman of HSEB, Chaitanya Sharma said that additional resources will be required since new curriculum design is being introduced and better management of NEB (which is now huge).
Above 3600 higher secondary schools monitored by the HSEB will be looked after by the National Examination Board.
Basic Education has been structured till Grade 8. Grade 9-12 will be called secondary level. School level will not be segregated into Primary, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary anymore. Examinations of basic level will be regulated from District Examination Office. Passing Grade 12 will be equivalent to +2.

The first meeting chaired by the Education Secretary Bishwo Prakash Pandit decided that all the 425 employees of HSEB are now the personnel of NEB.
Proper implementation of this bill will lead to better management of basic education system in Nepal. Furthermore, elimination of SLC from Grade 10 will thrust the pressure of getting better grades for students out of better doors and direct their efforts towards learning.
We look forward to enactment of this bill and hope to see a change in the face of Education in Nepal.
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