Wednesday, July 6, 2016

No more streams in +2 anymore?

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The 8th Amendment of the Education Bill is all set to bring about yet another change in education system. For years, you have embraced one stream among Science, Management, Humanities and Education and pursued careers accordingly. Here’s a change, there will not be streams anymore!
With the implementation of the new education amendment bill, education between Grade 6-12 is going to be introduced under two thresholds. Education had been divided under four streams- Science, Management, Humanities and Education up until now.
National Education Board has been making preparations to eliminate streams at Grades 11 and 12 and acquaint subjective curriculum informed Member Secretary of the board and Joint Secretary Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi.
HSEB has been operating four streams in Plus two education for the past 24 years. But from now onwards, Grade 6-12 will be considered school level education, due to which there will only be two edges as per the new enactment of the education bill confirmed Awasthi.

Two Edges: Technical and Regular
Students can choose between technical and regular in Grade 6 and continue with their choices till Grade 12. “Under Regular categories students can study their preferred subjects.” He said, “Students will be relieved from the pressure of embracing between the streams.”
Modifications will be made in the curriculum of Grade 6-12. “If a student prefers Physics and Mathematics, he can major in Mathematics. Similarly, if a student has interest in Music, he can continue his studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Music.” He said, “Even if someone is more inclined towards Music, he can pursue engineering later in his career. Students, now, can choose multidimensional paths for education at universities.”
By reducing hassles related to streams, the new education system provides students with an opportunity to continue thematic education. According to him, 8 subjects in Grade 10 will also be reduced to just 5.
Board of Educator and Curriculum (Grade11 and 12) suggested that subjective group could be a more apt way of education in Nepal. “Students will receive basic university education right from Grade VI and specialization can be done only in university level. This form of educational is adopted round the world.”
“With the approval of the Education Amendment Bill, it’d be better to introduce a new base and subjective education which, in result, will impact education system in Nepal positively.”
Science stream is considered superior to management, and management gives no importance to humanities stream and negative perception towards education faculty is causing distortion of Plus two education. According to him, revocation of all the four streams and moving ahead with integrated curriculum is going to prove itself as an achievement.
Can’t wait to see how this turns out? We cannot too.
The current year has been revolutionary in the face of education in Nepal. We certainly hope that all these changes are going to improve the status of Nepali education and shift the entire education paradigm towards learning rather than grades.
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