Thursday, August 11, 2016

Load shedding decreased! Get new Load Shedding Schedule

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Type G<Group No.> and then send it to 35001 to get the latest load-shedding schedules on your mobileFor example, if your group number is 5, type G5 and then send it to 35001
(You can also download the Sparrow App to access latest Loadshedding Update and more utilities from here:
Nepal Electricity Association has announced that load shedding hours will decrease to 47 hours a week ,from 11 August 2016. .Previously, the load shedding hours were 63 hours a week .
The new load shedding schedule will be applicable from August 11, 2016.

You can get latest load shedding schedule easily on your phones using Sparrow SMS. Type G<Group no> and send SMS to 35001.
Sparrow SMS has been providing updated load shedding schedules via SMS for a few years now.

You can visit our official website for more updates.           


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