Friday, December 9, 2016

Yantra 5.0 - Robotics Competition - Winners !

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For more details about YANTRA 5.0 Type Yantra and send it 37001

On 11th November 2016, the regional version of Yantra- Yantra 4.1 East was successfully conducted by RAN-East team. The event included three categories, including Yantra Racer, Yantra Akhada and Yantra School which had 33 teams participation from different school and engineering campuses.

Winner of the Pubanchal Robotics Competition participated at the International Robotics Competition which was organized on the launch of Yantra 5.0 Art, Tech and Science Festival at Army Physical and Training and Fitness Centre on November 30, 2016.

This year Interantional Robotics Competition had four different competitions:

1)      Krishakcopter- Drone Competition
2)      Yantra Manual Akhada -  Robot wars
3)      Yantra Automatic Akhada - Robot Wars
4)      Yantra Racer - Robot Racing Competition

A total of 48 teams participated in the event including one team from Bangladesh. The even was inaugurated by Chief Guest Vice Chancellor Dr. Prof Jiba Raj Pokharel from NAST. The International Robotics Competition started from 8:30 AM in the morning. The Chairperson from Nepal Engineering Council and Vice President of Nepal Engieneering Association were also the guest of honour for the event along with notable people from science and technology field of Nepal.
The fight among Drones was the highlight of the program where Bangladeshi team BD Robots beat Kathmandu Engineering College’s team Robo KEC. Hence BD Robots standout as winner and the defending champion of previous main event KEC have to satisfy themselves as runner up. Advance College of Engineering and Management(ACEM) and Khwopa Engineering College were the semi-finalist.
Robot Wars Manual Akhada had the exciting battle between the team Caaicas led by Kushal Wagle, IOE Dharan. Kushal wagle was able to use his skills and talent along with the resources imported from U.S. 
The Robot had to recognize their opponent and hit them and  drag them out of the game arena where team Khwopa Lure from Khwopa Engineering College beat team Alphamale reloaded  from Advance College of Engineering and Management(ACEM). Another team from Advance Engineering College of Management(ACEM) and team CERT from Cosmos College  were the semifinalist.
Robot Racing Competition Yantra Racer had the interesting final as Robot were racing against the time to win the final prize. The team Baksus 6 from biratnagar beat team  from Koshi st. James school in the final and stood them out the ultimate winner for the yantra racer. Semifinalist were team from Nepal Engineering College and Purbachanl campus.
The Winners were awarded with total Cash prize of Rs. 3,25,000.00.

Yantra 5.0 - Art and Exhibition,  is currently happening at Bikapla Art Centre Pulchowk from December 4-10, 4 pm - 7 pm .

For more details about YANTRA 5.0 Type Yantra and send it 37001


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