Sunday, March 26, 2017

What after SEE (SLC)?

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1. PLAN on what You want to Study
The first thing to do on your SLC break is to plan for your future. The college  you want to attend, the course/stream to go for and the choice of the career you want to pursue. To help with this, you can join for classes like bridge course and entrance examination preparation sessions. Even if you are not ready for academy books again but you should try bridge course not only for education it will help you in future but for getting admission in reputed and your favorite college.
2. Apply For Internship
You can apply for some internship opportunities. When you are going to work for free or paid, you’ll develop your maturity and know the value of money. In this process, you can also make new friends and learn new skills and develop work-ethics that will help you in the long run and make yourself stand out of the crowd.
 3. Learn Driving
Join a driving school and getting a driving license also helps to properly utilize your leisure time. You’ll be independent, thus it will be good to start with a scooter or bike and then upgrade to four wheelers since the skill is not hard to pick up if you start at this early age. It will be a good place to spend your money wisely.
4. Read Books And Watch Movies
In this holiday you can read exciting books and watch movies. There are lot of good books and movies that maybe worth for you. It will surely improve you vocabulary and increase your content too.
5. Volunteering
Being involved in social programs can help you build relationship with new people you meet and the most important thing is you can have it in your resume as well. Involving yourself in volunteering activities will surely make you confident, it helps to know yourself. For volunteering you can check out for the activities in the newspapers and social networking sites.
6. Develop Hobbies
It is the time where you get your own space and can explore yourself. You can pursue your hobby that you were not able to give time. It is scientifically proven that picking a good and fun filled hobby of your choice can reduce your stress and anxiety.
7. Recreational Activities
You can engage yourself in recreational activities like playing, singing, dancing, etc. so that you can enhance your skills and keep yourself engaged. These kind of recreational activities can keep your mind healthy and makes you physically and mentally active. You can also go for some creative classes like art, music, cooking, photography or languages.


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