What will you do if you get a message from a strange number?

It’s obvious you will swipe and ignore it… But what if you get the same message from the company you are engaged with.

You will definitely open it right away.

Knowing that your SMS sender ID can turn a simple SMS message into a powerful branding tool, you can use this feature to grab your customers.

So, before you hit the send button on your perfectly crafted SMS campaign, apply for the desired sender ID from telecom operator or simply give us a call.


The benefits of sending Bulk SMS from sender ID in Nepal:

When you send a text message from our Sparrow SMS Gateway, you can request for the desired SMS sender-ID. This means that your brand appears as the sender when your message appears on the recipient’s phone. Here are some benefits of using it:


  • Increase SMS Open Rates

Displaying a company name as a sender can increase open rates. Your customers will only open the text if it’s from the known source. They will want to know about your offers and news which directly drives high sales volume.


  • 11 Characters in Sender ID

Your sender ID can be set up to 11 characters. So, you can customize your ID and use the best keyword that represents your company’s brand.


  • Disable Replies with Sender ID

Sender ID prevents recipients from replying to your messages. You can add the call to action button or OPT-in option that will drive your customers to the link where you want them to be.

So why won’t you brand your SMS with a Sender ID letting your customers know whom they are receiving from?

Make sense, right!

Now, you’re probably thinking, okay my business can increase the brand awareness with every text message I sent but how do I get one and what are the options.

Don’t you worry, I am here for your help!

I’ve put together a few FAQ below that you can rely on to figure it all out. 


Can we use alphabets and numbers both in a Sender ID?

No, SMS Sender ID can only be alphabetic with a character limit of 11. A Sender ID also supports uppercase and lowercase characters.


Do I need to register my Sender ID? 

Yes, you have to register Sender ID with the mobile network operators.  Call us and we’ll let you help you register your sender ID in telecom operator.


How long does it take to approve my Sender ID?

It will be approved within 2 weeks from the date of application in Ncell Network.


Can the recipient respond to a Sender ID? 

Your recipient will not be able to reply to your text message as SMS Sender ID only allows one-way communication.


Will all telecom operator provide sender ID in Nepal?

In Nepal, SMS Sender ID is only available in Ncell telecom network. As the Ncell users are high in quantity, it can be a great opportunity.

Update 10/11/2018  ( NTC is also planning for providing sender ID to high SMS consumption clients instead of Shortcode but of course with some uneasy conditions). 

Update 1/24/2018 (NTC is providing sender ID for transactional SMS service to high consumption users such as banks and financial institutions)

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