Bulk SMS is saving business millions through reduction of marketing and operational cost. As saving money is a huge part of running a business, managers always try to save on every activity in an organization. Bulk SMS is the effective low-cost marketing and engagement tool used by millions of business owners over the world.


Reduce No-Shows

No shows are a real problem for all businesses. There is a number of progress leads that need to be converted. Businesses sending reminder SMS to their clients has proven to reduce the number of no-shows significantly.

As 98% of messages are read by recipients within 3 minutes of delivery, business owners are assured that their message will be received by their customers. In fact, a recent study found that the open rate of mobile messages is 98%, versus 22% for email. Bulk SMS can be used effectively to remind clients about their appointment with your business.



Businesses are still unaware about what they’re missing out on with SMS. It’s such a cheap and effective way to keep your customers informed about your products and services. Sparrow SMS Bulk SMS Service offers reliable and featured Bulk SMS Panel to help your business become even closer to your customers.

A simple text message offer has been proven to get a much higher response rate than many richer advertisements. So, with the response rates of 98%, Bulk SMS has proven to save businesses millions of pounds when marketing their products.

There are so many ways that SMS can save money for all types of businesses, so why not give it a go?

Sparrow SMS has been providing Bulk SMS Service in Nepal for 9 years. You will even be given a free demo account with 10 free credits.

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