Department of Transportation Management (DoTM) is all set to update people helping to check driving license print status and written exam result. They are constantly striving to better connect and serve citizens in the most possible ways. As a result, it has led to adopting new technologies as fetching information becomes progressively computerized and mobile. To meet these changing trends, DoTM is turning to text messaging services as an opportunity to engage easily and effectively.

Reviewing all the feedback from the public, DoTM has subscribed Sparrow SMS’s service. As a result, it has eliminated the hurdles of the public for checking their driving license print information and license written exam result. As a result, this will tend to end long queues in Yatayat office for getting just the simple information.  Now, they don’t need to visit the Transportation department every single time to check the driving license information. Likewise, using SMS services helps to keep citizens up to date on the required details.


DoTM: Providing Information Via SMS 

The Department of Transport Management has recently started an online application process for driving license in Nepal. To support this, DoTM is now using SMS service for showing Nepal driving license written test result and driving license print status. Before this, people need to visit the DoTM office just to see the result and get the information for the license print status. This was even more difficult for the people living in the outskirts of the valley. For the reason that they have to travel long distance expending excess money for their travel and stay. Finally, the hassle just to get the information has been removed now.

Sparrow SMS is the only authorized SMS service provider from DoTM to check driving license print status and license written exam result. Previously, this SMS service was provided by another shortcode. However, you can get your driving license print status and written exam result now via Sparrow SMS only in 33001.

You can find the official notice from DoTM here:

Check For Driving License Print Information and Exam Result

How to check license written exam result:

Check driving License Written Exam Result

Type ‘WT <space> [Application ID number]’ and Send it to 33001

For example, here’s a sample for a passed exam:

Dear Ramesh Adhikari,

Your Exam Status: PASSED

Thank you

The sample for the failed exam:

Dear Ramesh Adhikari,

Your Exam Status: FAILED

Thank you


How to check Driving License Print Status:

check driving license print status

Type ‘LC <space> [Application ID Number]’ and Send it to 33001

If your license if printed, you’ll get this message:

Dear Ramesh Adhikari,

Your License Status: PRINTED

Printed on: 10-Dec-2018

Please contact related office after one month from printed date to collect your License

Thank you.

If your license has NOT been printed, here’s what you will receive this text message:

Dear Ramesh Adhikari,

Your License Status: NOT PRINTED

Please try after a few days or contact the related office.

Thank you.

If your applicant ID is invalid:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Invalid Applicant ID

Please check application id and try again.

Thank you.

*Note: The SMS will cost Rs.5+ taxes.

         Information provided via Sparrow SMS may vary and authorize only by DoTM office.