In today’s digital world, effective communication is vital for businesses, organisations, and individuals. SMS (Short Message Service) remains a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience instantly. Sparrow SMS, a renowned web SMS platform in Nepal, offers a user-friendly interface for sending Bulk SMS messages efficiently and reliably.

Sparrow SMS has been authorised by Nepal Telecom, the largest telecommunication service provider in Nepal, to offer Value-Added Services to NTC numbers.

Getting Started with Bulk SMS for NTC Numbers:

Sparrow sms Dashboard

1. Create a Sparrow SMS Account:

  • Visit the Sparrow SMS website and sign up for an account.
  • Complete the registration process and verify your account.

Sparrow sms Dashboard, bulk sms contact manager, SMS campaign and SMS Report

2. Navigate the Dashboard:

  • Upon logging in, explore the Sparrow SMS dashboard.
  • Familiarise yourself with the features, including message composition, contact management, and campaign analytics.

3. Adding Contacts:

  • Import your NTC numbers contact list in CSV format or manually add contacts to the platform.
  • Ensure that the NTC numbers are correct.

adding ntc contact numbrrs

4. Compose Your Message:

  • Craft your SMS message in the Sparrow SMS dashboard.
  • Customise the message content and personalise it if needed.

Creating a message in Sparrow SMS

5. Sending Bulk SMS in NTC:

  • Select the group or list of contacts (NTC numbers) to whom you want to send the SMS.
  • Review the message and recipients before sending.

6. Scheduling SMS Campaigns:

  • Sparrow SMS often allows scheduling messages for a later time or date.
  • Utilise this feature to send messages at the most appropriate time for your audience.

scheduling a SMS

7. Monitoring and Analytics:

  • After sending the messages, monitor the delivery status and track campaign performance.
  • Analyze metrics like delivery rates, open rates, and responses to optimise future campaigns.

SMS Reporting in Sparrow SMS web portal

Best Practices for Bulk SMS with Sparrow SMS:

  • Keep your messages concise, clear, and relevant.
  • Personalise messages whenever possible to increase engagement.
  • Respect recipient preferences and regulations regarding SMS communication.
  • Test different message formats and timings to determine what works best for the NTC numbers.

Sparrow SMS simplifies the process of sending bulk SMS marketing messages, making it an excellent choice for businesses, marketers, and organizations aiming to reach their audience effectively. Utilize its features, analyse results, and refine your SMS campaigns for better engagement and communication success.

If you are interested in a Bulk SMS system, please reach out at 9802005007/08 or you can request a quote.