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In this digital Era, Insurance companies should include all major Marketing channels in their marketing strategies. With the growing competition in the insurance industry, expansion marketing efforts must be on a high level to win over new clients and retain old ones. Communication is key to encouraging the growth and expansion of your agency. Smart marketing strategies are necessary so that an insurance institution can stand out from the national and local competition.

Viber Messaging , Bulk SMS Marketing, and Voice broadcasting are very effective ways to drive traffic and engage customers. The real value comes from the unlimited reach and potential that it provides to businesses. With these mediums of communication, insurance companies can send promotions to customers directly through their mobile phones. This is one of the fastest growing areas in digital marketing, so if you are looking for a way to get your service or product noticed in a very short period of time, Viber Messaging , Bulk SMS Marketing, and Voice broadcasting may be the right option for you.

Benefits of All-in-one Messaging Solution for Insurance Companies:

1. Send Renewal Notices

Renewing a policy is one of the most inconvenient experiences for clients, so let’s make sure it’s an easy one. As their renewal date approaches and they may not have been processed just yet, we might want to send out another reminder via Viber, SMS, or voice. This could encourage them to go back into their inbox, finish up their renewal and make a new insurance purchase with us. Sparrow’s Bulk Viber can be used to help encourage policy renewals.

2. Asking for Reviews via SMS

A properly worded message simply requesting for review can be sent through SMS to your existing clients or new clients. This process could increase sales as the review can help you find more leads. The marketing platform of Sparrow can automatically schedule and send messages to customers.

3. Promote New Insurance Policies

When a new policy is introduced, it is unlikely that existing clients might have heard about it. Even though thousands of emails are sent, the open rate of Mail is quite insignificant. So, Bulk SMS, Viber, and voice broadcasting can be excellent mediums to send promotional messages.

4. Customer Service via Miscall Service

You can instantly make your customer feel more welcoming by sending information about their queries via such mediums of miscall service. Your clients could use the service of Miscall, which is automatically updated in the database. And such queries can be entertained by a support representative with an SMS alert or Call for the best user experience.

5. Cross-sell policies to existing clients

Cross-selling is when you sell the additional policies to an existing client. You can pitch, suggest and provide additional benefits simply through a text message. Through Sparrow’s bulk Viber, SMS and voice, you can list out the phone numbers and send the promotional message instantly. Since the average delivery rate of such messages is about 99%, you will not miss out on the marketing opportunities.

6. For announcements about insurance policies

Events and announcements can be sent through bulk transactional and informational messages to the employees, clients, and leads swiftly through Viber, SMS, and voice broadcasting. This can be an effective way of communicating rather than calling the individuals. Sparrow’s Bulk Viber and SMS and voice features can be used to promote insurance policies.

Why Sparrow SMS?

We at Sparrow SMS are aware of the particular requirements of the Insurance sector and can assist you in harnessing the potential of text messaging for your company. We provide a marketing platform with bulk Viber, Bulk SMS, and Voice broadcasting.

Our team of professionals will assist you at every stage to make sure you get the most out of your marketing investment, whether you need to send promotional messages to your consumers or integrate a communication gateway into your systems.

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