With over 2 billion people using smartphones nowadays, SMS messaging has been the fast weapon of choice as a part of everyday communication. This is likely due to its instant deliverability, cost-effective, high open and response rates, concise messaging, and general reliability.

The use of bulk SMS marketing can greatly benefit the education sector, as it can be a good way to build strong and mutual relationships with students, parents, and staffs.

We have listed some of the benefits of SMS messaging for the education sector:

1. Parent Teacher Meeting

In present days, parents generally have busy schedules. The only time they get to know about their child’s study is in the parent-teacher meeting. But there’s a high chance they forget about meetings and important school dates especially those which are sent by emails in advance. In this case, the text message can save the day as parents can receive timely genuine reminders about upcoming parent-teacher meetings. This way both can work well for the development of the students.

2. Exam Remainder Dates

Schools and colleges can use Bulk SMS to remind students about exam dates, locations, and other necessary contents. Most of the schools and colleges use bulk SMS as sending notifications to their parents, students, and staffs. It’s also a quick and convenient way to inform students of any last minute changes to the exam time table or allowing them to ask questions if there is anything they are unsure of.

3. New Student Recruitment

Bulk SMS campaign can also drive new student recruitment. Schools can send a bulk SMS to prospective students and parents offering the new admissions and application deadlines with timely remainders making sure they apply. For example, Kath fords College send text message regarding new admission alumni students informing to contact if they have their brothers and sisters for new admission. This campaign had proved to a successful result.

4. Urgent Messages

It’s little impossible to call each parent for any urgency, especially when they are at work with their busy schedules. The situation of urgency may occur that required urgent attention. For example, if a child gets sick and need to be picked up, or if they are involved in an accident. Parents are much more receptive to picking up an SMS than a telephone call. It means you can reach them quickly with SMS. You can also make sure if your message has been delivered or not. So, you can reach your parents another way if it’s not delivered.

5. Staff Contact

Staffs are the valuable assets for any organization and in the context of the educational sector, they carry the value and reputation of your institute. Passing various information to your staff helps to keep in touch with your staffs. A simple text can let them know about upcoming events or as a means of filling staff absentees quickly. This helps to maintain strong relationships with your staff as this directly affects the quality of service they provide to students. With SMS, the staff will always be informed of anything which may affect them, which will also improve overall morale.

6. Upcoming Events

Schools have to organize a number of events during it’s so informing every single event to parents, team members and students through call can be hectic. With bulk SMS service, you can inform your parents and students quickly at the same time about any new events they may wish to attend and also receive reminders as the date approaches. The message can include the venue of the event, as well as any arrangements for pick up and drop off.

7. Coursework Deadlines

Schools and colleges should make sure if the coursework is submitted by their students before the deadline. Likewise, students should complete their task on time. Most of the universities have information on their online system but tracking all the information of coursework can be often difficult.  Through the use of text message, you can let students remind the deadlines and deliver necessary research materials so they have no excuse for handing it in late!

8. Special Wishes

It is very important to maintain a healthy social relationship with parents and students. Schools and colleges can send best wishes for any occasion or events. This is the most effective way to keep in touch with them and help to develop a positive attitude towards the school. It is a far more useful way to communicate than noticeboard. Bulk SMS does not only help build good relationships with students, but can also be a way of driving more customers, and therefore maximize cash flow.

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SMS messaging is definitely the way to attract and retain students and parents across the university, college and school campuses.

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