SEE Result GPA Grade Sheet Details and It’s Meaning

Office of Controller of Examination (OCE), Nepal started publishing Secondary Education Examination (SEE) results in grading system (GPA) since 2016.

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In previous years, students used to get their results with subject-wise marks and percentage. As many nations had moved to grade and percentile system, Nepal finally saw the benefits of the grading system for marking students.

One of the major advantages of grades is that weak students don’t need to be demotivated as no any students are categorized as failed. Here’s the basic outline of the SEE grading system with GPA and percentage range of the grades used in Nepal.

Grade sheet details of SEE Result 2075 2076

The range of the Grading Point Average (GPA) is 0-4.

The students who have got a GPA 4.0 have scored A+ which is Outstanding, likewise, the student scored 3.6 is A which is Excellent. In the same way score, 3.2 is B+ and its Very Good, students scoring 2.8  is B which is Good. The students scoring 2.4 is C+ which is Satisfactory, and the students scoring 2.0 is C which is Acceptable. In the same way, the students scoring 1.6 is D+ which is remarked as Partially Acceptable and scoring GPA 1.2 is D which is above Insufficient. At last, the students scoring 0.8 is E which is Very Insufficient.

SEE Result को नतिजा 35001 मा आज प्रकाशित हुदैछ |

तपाईं SEE Result को लागि प्रतीक्षा गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ?

लामो प्रतीक्षा पछि, २०७५\७६ वर्ष को SEE नतिजा आज दिउँसो १ देखि ३ बजे भित्र NEB द्वारा प्रकाशित गरिनेछ। राष्ट्रिय परीक्षा बोर्ड(NEB) द्वारा यो आधिकारिक सूचना घोषणा गरिएको छ।

Sparrow SMS ले बिगत ९ बर्ष देखी SMS सेवा मार्फत विद्यार्थीहरूलाई आफ्नो NEB परीक्षा परिणामहरू प्राप्त गर्न मद्दत गरिरहेको छ।

Sparrow SMS बाट आफ्नो SEE result 2075/76 सजिलै चेक गर्न, Type SEE <space> symbol number and send SMS to 35001.
कृपया नतिजा प्रकाशित भईसकेपछि मात्र SEE को नतिजा चेक गर्नुहोला |

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SEE result 2076 with GPA Grades Published in 35001!

Finally, the much awaited moment has come along. SEE Result 2076 is published and live now. Sparrow SMS is the regular provider of NEB results along with GPA via SMS.

As you all know, Sparrow SMS is the regular provider of results via SMS, and we have been giving you this service for 9 years. Now, it is being easier for you to view your results on the tip of your finger. You don’t need to go far away and search for your results in a cyber cafe and all. Also, the internet connection is not necessary for the results.

To get your result on your mobile along with GPA grades, type SEE <space> your symbol number and send SMS to 35001. For example, SEE 12345678 and send SMS to 35001.

Best Wishes from team SparrowSMS and Khalti Digital Wallet!

SEE Result 2075/76 MOST PROBABLY to be Publish within the Second Week of Ashad

National examination board(NEB) is trying hard to publish the annual result of SEE Grade 10 2076 within the second week of Ashad. According to the NEB, the final preparations are being made for the publication of result.

Last year SEE result was published on 9th of Ashad however, this year due to the postponement of examination in province no. 2 and lack of employees, the result has been delayed.

According to Chetnath Sharma, Deputy Vice-president of NEB, the final checking of the answer sheet has been completed and data entry work in going on. If everything goes right, the result will get published within the second week of Ashad.

This year, four lakh 75 thousand students have participated on a regular basis on SEE examination.

How can I get SEE result 2075/76?

It’s simple. Results can be found on the internet or mobile SMS after the results are published. You can view your SEE exam result via our SMS service.

Once the NEB results are officially published by SEE, type SEE <space> symbol number and send SMS to 35001.

Or, visit for more updates.

Have a great future ahead and wish you luck from Sparrow SMS and Khalti family!


How to run a SMS Quiz Contest with Sparrow SMS

Nowadays, every marketing trend has been changing with the changes in technology. No business needs to visit prospects and customers in person and influence them to engage with your industry.  All thanks to SMS short codes that have made setting up an SMS campaign in just a few clicks.

SMS quiz contest is a very quiz and engaging SMS campaign to grab the attendance of your customers and visitors. Setting up or running an SMS quiz contest is just a matter of five minutes. All you need is a keyword to run a contest.

Let’s check out the steps to create SMS Quiz Contest so simply:

Step1:  Just register yourself in our SMS service clicking:

Step2: Talk to our representatives to activate your account and payment procedures.

Step3: Now, go to Incoming option and select Campaign.

Step4: Then select Create Campaign.

  • First, give a name to the campaign.
  • Add a new keyword to your account like QUIZ
  • Then add sub-keywords as A, B, C, D.
  • Select the module (auto-responder) provided to you.   

Step5: Click Advanced Option.

  • Add Start Date from when the campaign has to be run. It is a compulsory option.
  • Also, add End Date to set an end date to the campaign. However, it is optional.
  • You can set an auto-reply to thank your participates.

Step6: That’s it! Now publish your keyword and short code number to your viewers.

e.g. “When was Sparrow SMS initiated? A-2015, B- 2010, C- 2009 or D-2013. SMS QUIZ <space> <Your option such as A/B/C/D> and send it to 35001”

Step7: Now it’s the result time. Once the contest is finished, go to Reports and check all your incoming messages.

Step8: Click on Export and results are there in your hand with the mobile numbers and answers.

That’s it. 

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4 Best Practice Tips for SMS Appointment Reminders

SMS is ruling over all the top marketing tools nowadays. All because of its instant, simple and actionable. It’s effective for a business not only because people receive them in their personal device but they actually read them straight away. Setting SMS reminder for your clients helps them grab the discount, events or services that you want to offer. It fits for all sort of businesses like a retail store, medical institutes, hotels, restaurants and so on. SMS reminder has proven to be a fantastic way to remind customers for appointments or upcoming events and offers. This directly helps to convert more business and thus higher returns.

Let’s figure out some bizarre tips to boost the power of your SMS reminders:

Send it 24-48 hours in advance

SMS is instant and people also read it as soon as they get it and act on it immediately. If you send SMS reminder before a week, your customer will have one single week to forget it. So, it’s best to send 1 or 2 days prior to the appointment or event. Sending SMS reminders just before the date will give you and your customer’s time to act upon it.

Write straight to the point 

People get confused if you include misleading information in SMS reminders. SMS reminds should be simple and to the point. Including no more than DATE, TIME and LOCATION (Link to Google map) is necessary. Make sure you don’t go over 3 SMS to remind your customers.

Brief but personal

As mentioned in the previous point, SMS should be brief and short. You should create content without going overboard with the number of characters. The personal touch in SMS further helps your customer to engage with you and hence retains your customer.

For example, Hi Manisha, Just a reminder your next appointment with Dr.Santosh Niraula, 5 Nov, at 3pm.For details call us on 9802005007.

Call to Action

Every time you should tell your customer to get back to you with a final answer either they want to join your event or not. This will raise the attendance rate dramatically. Including CTA in SMS like “confirm by clicking this link” or “to confirm call XXXX XXXX” work wonders.

Sparrow SMS is providing Bulk SMS and SMS Gateway API services for more than a thousand clients yearly. You can send SMS reminder using bulk SMS or integrating automated SMS gateway to your booking application.

If you are also thinking of such services, feel free to contact us at 9802005007/08.

5 Ways How Business Text SMS Benefits Your Customer Support Team

No matter how streamlined your product or service is, your customers will always have some queries about it. You have to prioritize those queries on the basis of its seriousness.

As SMS is one of the fastest ways to answer customer queries, most adults consider that valuing their time is the best way to provide a good customer experience. Customers don’t like talking on the phone- but they do like texting. They want immediate and personalized replies to their queries as they are busy in their own routine.

Here are five ways to help your customer support team to simplify your supports and follow-ups with customers.

#1 Instant Support Replies

If you are selling some products that require some installation work, you can expect a lot of incoming questions. The queries might be on setups and installation hassles. SMS works as the best solution to sustain a convenient and fast conversation. So, as soon as you sell your product, make it clear that customers can text your business for customer support. Customer support via bulk SMS can make it likely that they’ll follow through your instructions—and enjoy your product to the fullest.

#2 Reduce Dilemmas with Troubleshooting

Customers get frustrated if they have difficulty getting your service or product to work as expected. They too don’t like to get involved in tedious phone conversations and multiple holds to figure out where their product is going wrong. So, in order to eliminate this long and painful troubleshooting processes, text-based customer support line give them the good surprise of their lives. Business texting lessens the troubleshooting trouble and makes it a more streamlined and great experience.

#3 Soothe Conflict Resolution

When a conflict occurs, a quick response is absolutely essential. You should quickly respond to your client as soon as your customer text in their issue. But remember, texting can be tricky when dealing with a disappointed customer. You should select smart and convincing content to settle the calmness. But then again never give them fake consolation, this will further create a serious issue.

#4 Regulate Responses

Whether your support SMS content is on troubleshooting, resolving conflicts or any cases, it’s important to convey your brand tone in your message content. Texting with certain style guidelines is important. But in case if your customer issue is unique, responses cannot be completely uniform. Still, you can make sure that most of the messages your team sends out are similar in tone by creating template messages for common responses to customers. SMS templates can be easily personalized and ensure your team’s initial responses fast and on-brand.

#5 Simplify Final Follow-ups

The job of support officer does not only limit to successfully resolving an issue and winning a customer’s goodwill but still, there is plenty of opportunities to let your customers know that he or she is a valued. After you have resolved the issue, you can schedule a message to be sent later after few days. You can ask whether the product is running smoothly after the issue or if your customer is satisfied with the conflict resolution.

Every business wants to have a great customer support team providing faster and most convenient service to their customers. To make the process easy and successful, talk to us about setting text SMS for your business today.




Why Text SMS wins over Free Instant Messenger Platforms?

“How much will it cost?”- The question every business owners and marketers ask each SMS provider company.

Cost is the main determining factor that directly affects the purchase of any products or services. In the presence of all giant free instant messenger platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snap chat and so on, one will wonder why you should pay for an instant messaging tool like SMS.

Let’s make clearer why you should pay for SMS, rather than using a free instant messenger:

Not everyone has an instant messenger app:

You will first make sure your receiver has an instant messenger app installed in their cell phone handset. But there is no assurance that all the recipients that you send your message have the application installed. This results in an unknown delivery rate. You can’t be sure who received your text message and who didn’t.

Everyone can receive SMS:

SMS is a simple, easy and instant way to communicate your message. Sending text bulk SMS to your customers don’t require to install any sort of application. As the message box is primarily integrated in any kind of cellphone, every cellphone is capable of receiving a text message.

Through Bulk SMS, you can instantly send a text message to your customers in seconds. It does not require any installation or authorization from customers end.

Greater Reach:

You can be assured that every single valid mobile number on your contact list will be able to receive your message with 98% of response rate. So, you can create great content and leave the rest to your SMS. The best part is even the recipients that do not have the latest cellphone handset will successfully receive your message.

Investing a few amounts for a message is worth it. If you also want to increase your ROI, click HERE and experience the power of bulk SMS!


5 Reasons why Business SMS is Perfect for Recruitment Agencies

Finding the right candidate is not an easy task for a company. It requires lots of processes, time, and resources along with effective communication. That’s where business SMS comes in.  SMS Messaging can be one of the most reliable and efficient ways for recruitment agencies to attract top talent.

Communicating via SMS has been the effective tool as all people are very familiar with texting and it has made easy to reach out the candidates instantly and directly. HR need to find various ways to communicate the applicants disturbing their working schedules. So, SMS can be the best channel to get in touch with the applicants at any point in time.

In light of this, we have come up with 6 reasons to give you a clear idea of how business SMS can be a perfect tool to make your recruitment process more effective:

Fill vacancies quicker

According to researchers, the open rate of email marketing is at around 22% whereas SMS marketing is 90% with a response rate of 32% in 3 minutes of delivery. Looking at this stat, if you are alerting potential candidates for a new job, SMS communication will result much better than an email.

As soon as you are notified for a job opening, you can simply send Bulk SMS to your “job seekers” list with a CTA button diverting it to the job description link. This will provide the candidates with all of the information they need to know.

Inform jobseekers of new openings

Integrating SMS to your website or application, you can notify your applicants of new job openings within minutes. Not only that, with the contact manager feature in our bulk SMS panel, you can segment different groups on the basis of their interest, skills, and profession. This also makes it easier for you to send out customized texts.

Send appointment reminders

Once you’ve found your candidates, you have to make sure that they are on time for their interviews. A simple automated SMS reminding them about the date and time of their interview will help minimize interviews no-shows and saves your time and energy.

You could even reduce the probability of a candidate getting lost by including a link to a business location map and give them instant interview tips.

Inform Job-Seekers of an Application Status

Candidates appreciate being regularly updated about the status of their application. With Bulk SMS, you can instantly inform your candidates of their application status. You can too add links to the company website or employment status report. This will keep every applicant apprised and engaging.

Streamline recruitment process

Texting a candidate will allow your recruitment agency to reduce unwanted outbound and inbound calls significantly. You can set- up automated text message for standard job application questions. It makes you easy to filter out unqualified applicants. So, you can use the extra time in other resources and fill positions faster.

Being a recruiter, if you have overlooked SMS for your hiring process, then you are wasting your valuable time and resources. SMS for recruitment is a powerful tool for promotion and acquire the right talents for the desired position.  To speed up your recruitment process, reach us at 9802005007/08.

How Restaurants can use Bulk SMS Marketing to enhance their Business?

Researchers find that more than 80% of people search for a restaurant on their smartphones. This creates an opportunity for restaurants to use Bulk SMS Marketing as customers use their smartphones to search and decide where to go and what to eat.

Restaurants and hotels are a high competition sector. You should adopt a strong marketing strategy to reinforce your service, value, and promotions to make your customers know the food quality and deliciousness. This makes bulk SMS marketing a perfect channel to reach out customers easily in large masses without much cost.

Here are the key points how a restaurant could acquire and communicate with customers via SMS platform:

Increase Brand Awareness:

The marketing strategy that you choose should promote your brand so that you could inline customers to your brand every time hassle freely. Bulk SMS can be the best channel to reinforce your brand as you can easily convey promotional message instantly and get customer visit your brand.

Promote Offers:

SMS marketing helps to attract new customers with offers, coupons and exclusive discount vouchers. This creates an opportunity to interact with customers in term of new launches, promotions, take feedbacks and convey updates. For example: “Hi Jeena, Get 50%off on your meal today.”

Thank you message:

Sending thank you message after a visitor online order to your customers helps to keep a personal touch with them.  This aim at generating returning customers. For e.g.: “Thank you for visiting us. Click on the link to rate us. ”

Cost effective:

SMS marketing is cheaper than printed ads, TV ads, social media ads, and flyers. Bulk SMS is the best way to reach your customers in the best possible way within your budget.

Return visits:

Your customers will continue your service if you can provide good value than your competitors. Bulk SMS can be used to create a separate contact group for your loyal customers and send a special offer, deals with them only. This will encourage them to become a regular customer.

Scheduled SMS for booking reminders

Sparrow SMS API Gateway service send automated SMS for booking reminders and alerts. So, you can send a quick reservation reminder message. This makes the customer feel special.

For any restaurant business, it is most important to offer the best taste and quality of food to retain their customers but SMS Marketing campaign will help them make it a memorable experience.

If you are from this industry, give SMS a Try.

Call us now at 9802005007/08.