We are really excited to announce that Sparrow SMS has completed amazing eight years of its journey today.
We feel it was just yesterday when we introduced Sparrow SMS in the market. It was initiated by Janaki Technology in 2010, with the tagline ‘Power of Text’ with an aim to provide easy access to information to every individual of Nepal.
When we started, we were quite skeptic if people would even use bulk SMS technology. Back then people did not have access to internet and information. But, mobile penetration did the magic, which turned our dream of providing important information via SMS into reality.

Coming this far, Sparrow SMS has grown as the market leader in mobile messaging, and now powers mobile campaigns for some of the most well-known brands in Nepal.

In 2014, Sparrow SMS was honored with mBillionth Award South Asia for the service, Labor Permit, that provided migrant workers in Nepal with information about their status of labor permit and actual details of processing cost, thus stopping brokers who used to give fake information on recruitment leading to trafficking.
In the devastating earthquake of 2015, Sparrow SMS team came up with an online app portal through which people could offer and ask for help via SMS, which could be mapped in Google Map. With this mapped informations, volunteers could dispatch relief distribution programs accordingly.
Elated by such amazing reception, Amit Agrawal, CEO of Sparrow SMS shared,
“We wanted to bring easy access to information to everyone in Nepal, be it a remote mountain or a small village in Terai. What keeps us alive is stories from millions of users who use Sparrow SMS. This adds meaning to our everyday work and our purpose of making a difference and impacting lives of people in Nepal keeps us motivated to work even harder in days to come. Today as we celebrate our 8th Anniversary, we are obliged to all our users, friends & family, supporters and well-wishers and everyone who believed in us and have been by our side in our journey – without your involvement and support, we would not have reached where we are today.”
Sparrow SMS provides daily crucial information and alerts to public via SMS in Nepal. Some of our crucial services are National Exam Results, Safe Migration Labor Permit Status, Election Updates, Human trafficking Vulnerability SMS reporting, SMS Based Disaster Response Management System, Blood donors search, SMS Based Livestock Management & Reporting System, Health Report, Agro-Market Info, etc.  Sparrow SMS currently receives more than 20 million Inbound SMS per year.
We are extremely overwhelmed by such an amazing support from users in both rural and urban areas.
Coincidentally, March 20 is also World Sparrow Day, World Happiness Day and today we also officially celebrate the start of Spring, a season of new beginnings. We wish you all World Sparrow Day, World Happiness Day, and a happy and fun Spring!
Expecting a similar type of love and support in the days to come!

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