Reflecting on Milestones and Celebrating Success: Sparrow SMS Marks its 13th Anniversary

Today, March 20 marks the 13th anniversary of our company, and we are excited to celebrate the...
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Bulk SMS System

How to Send Bulk SMS in Nepal?

Short Messages or SMS has become a common way to communicate as it is the fastest way of...
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SEE Exam

SEE Routine 2079 | Class 10 SEE Routine 2079

Secondary Education Examination (SEE) routine published on 2079-10-14, NEB board officials are all...
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bulk sms service

What is SMS message and How is it Effective in Marketing?

First of all, let’s talk simply about SMS. Short Message Service, commonly known as SMS is one of...
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Maximize the Security of Your Accounts with OTP SMS

Online security is paramount to protect your digital identity and keep your personal information private. One-time password (OTP) SMS is a method that provides strong security by requiring you to receive a one-time password sent via text message every time you enter a...

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SMS Marketing Pop-ups & Email Marketing Pop-ups

Pop-up marketing is one of the most creative and effective ways to generate leads from your website. Creating SMS and email marketing pop-up messages takes less time and effort than other forms of lead generation. However, you still have to create a quality website to...

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5 Tips & Tricks for an Effective Viber Messaging Campaign

Viber messaging is one of the best marketing channels because it's effective to spread your brand's message. You can send text, photo, and video messages to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time in bulk. There are also numerous opportunities for businesses to...

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We provide Bulk SMS/Web SMS service, SMS gateway, SMS API or any other SMS marketing services.  We also offer various SMS services for individuals which range from exam results to various utilities.

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