Bulk SMS in Nepal- User Management

Sparrow SMS offer bulk SMS services in Nepal where managers can enjoy multiple users features providing different role and credibility to the users.

Mostly in business houses, where they have a single account but multiple people to use the same account, it is an unwanted issue to share the same login details with one another. Also, in case of login details are leaked to outsiders, there would be a threat of spamming and losing company goodwill.

Observing such kinds of issues, the Sparrow SMS system has come up with a solution which is called “User Management”. User Management is one of the new features of the Sparrow SMS system which allows the owner of the account or the account holder to create multiple users with different email addresses who get access to our services from the same account.

With this feature, a single account can be accessed by five different users with their own username and password so that one user does not have to share her or his login details with other users. It helps to maintain privacy and avoids the chances of spamming as well. In addition to this feature, two different kinds of roles are provided under user management to make the work easier and maintain control. The two roles are ‘admin’ and ‘staff’.

The role of an admin allows overlooking all the activities that are being done on the account. The admin can send SMS, check the credits, view the delivery reports, and also, add new users to the account.

On the other hand, staff can only look over the activities like checking the delivery reports, credits. Staff cannot send SMS or add another user.

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