Traffic Document Tracking System

Did Traffic Police ever possess your blue-book or license after breaching traffic rules? Have you tried tracking your bluebook and license status after traffic operation?

Now, No more worries about your vehicle documents. Sparrow SMS in collaboration with Nepal Traffic operates a Document Tracking System. Track your documents with just one click. 

For the people who have no idea where the Document Tracking System (DTS) comes into operation, it is when riders or vehicle owners do not follow traffic rules and regulations. 

If you are found violating traffic rules and regulations, the traffic police charge you a fine based on the traffic rules. The different traffic rules that you should be aware of are drinking and driving, wrong lane driving, vehicle speeding, not wearing helmets while driving,  wrong parking, and so on. The traffic police give you a 6 digit chit number on a small piece of paper. Then, he/she takes away your vehicle-related document, your blue book, or driving license. Bluebook is a small book pad that has detailed information about you and your two-wheeler and a Driving license smart card is a legal authorization card for your vehicle. 

How does SMS work in a Traffic Document(Bluebook and License) Tracking System?


The traffic police offices all around Nepal take control of documents of traffic violators. 

For instance, if traffic police give you a chit number in the Lalitpur area, your documents are transferred to Satdobato. If you get caught violating traffic rules in the Bhaktapur area, the documents are sent to the Sallaghari traffic station. 

Your document is sent to other locations based on you i.e the type of traffic rule violation activity. If you are caught up in a drink and drive case or lane violation, your documents are sent to Baagi Khana for certain days. If you don’t go to the concerned traffic police office in a week, your documents are sent to Baagi Khana. If you do not manage time to collect your documents within 3 months, your documents are then again sent to the Department of Transportation Management (DOTM). 

So, in order to help you know where your documents are, Janaki Technology introduced a DTS which is implemented in Metropolitan traffic police. Now, you can track your documents with simple text from mobile. By utilizing this service,  the recipients will be able to know which office their documents are in.  

How to check the Traffic documents(Bluebook and License) status in Nepal?


You can check your documents when the traffic police give you a chit number. All you need to do is, 

  1. Go to the Message box 
  2. Type Echalan (space) fiscal year <province> chit number 
  3. Send SMS to 34001 

For example, Type ECHALAN 7879000000356312 & SMS to 34001. Here, 7879 is the fiscal year, 000000 is the province code and 356312 is the chit number. 

The traffic document tracking system operated by Sparrow SMS, an SMS service provider in Nepal, sends instant bulk messages to recipients.  

Previously, many used the traffic police hotline. But, the phone services were found to be busy. Ever since the Traffic Document Tracking System is implemented in Metropolitan traffic police, SMS service is more convenient to recipients to date. 

Note: DTS service is available only in Kathmandu Valley i.e Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. You can use this service only after the traffic police give you a chit for a rule violation. 

How to pay for Traffic fines via Khalti App?

  1. Open your Khalti App
  2. Go to Government services
  3.  Click Traffic Police Fine
  4. Enter your chit number and select the year

The payment of the traffic fine is directly deposited to the respective bank and details are sent to the system of traffic.



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