Bulk SMS service in nepal

Bulk SMS Marketing is ruling the marketing trends and predicted to be the rules in future years too. No matter which business you belong to, you can maximize the benefits of SMS marketing in less period of time in comparison to other marketing tools. It is preferred by many business organizations as it easily and effectively helps you reach out to your customers and generate best returns.

Bulk SMS in Nepal is rising steeply but all its success depends on how you can leverage its potential to expand your business. 

Let’s check out how you can promote your business effectively using Bulk SMS:

Leverage Personal Information

As you will have all the personal information of your clients, you can use those details to keep the personal touch with your customers. This can be done simply by sending them birthday wishes followed by your pitch. Trust me, this simple wish SMS works much greater than a promotional SMS offering them to buy a product. It also makes them feel you care about them which helps to retain your relationship with them.

Personalize the Message

The SMS content “You got 200 free credits, Thank You” is better than content, “Hey Mr. Sushil, here’s 200 credits only for you. Thank you for being a loyal customer to us!” The personalized SMS got to charm most of your customers. This is a brilliant way to increase your conversion rate as when your customer feels a certain kind of special treatment is being made out to them only, their chances of converting becomes high.

To-the-Point Message Content

SMS are popular because they are short.  You can take this advantage you reach out to your customers in a few seconds. The best way is to send a text that cuts to the chase and explains exactly why it is in someone’s inbox.

“Hello, from ABC Shop. Here’s your 50% off discount coupon! Thanks for shopping with us last week!” See that? With such a message, people will know who it is from and why it’s there.

Giveaway Coupons

Either discount coupon or basically a coupon of any kind, no one says no to coupons. Coupons are one of the guaranteed ways to convert a lead into a customer.

Here you can play with your customer psychology. Customers will not buy a product worth Rs.100 but they will buy one which is Rs.200 and then Rs.100 after a 50% discount. Why shouldn’t you leverage that?


Reminders is another simple yet effective way to use Bulk SMS Marketing for your brand promotion. You can send your customers a reminder about the launch of a new product, an ongoing sale, or any other general purpose.

A reminder keeps customers in the ring and also provides you with a chance to ensure they get pulled in.

Final thoughts

There are a number of ways you can use Bulk SMS to promote your business, but its success solely depends on how you leverage it to your advantage as much as possible.

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