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It’s obvious that sending Bulk SMS in Nepal had been the major promotion/marketing tool till now. But you don’t want to irritate your customers sending them random promotional messages once in a while.

Sending SMS to your clients should be managed in a balanced way. Your customers may lose interest if you don’t interact enough with them. And, if you overdo it, they will get irritated and finally unsubscribe.

Along with balancing overdoing and underdoing SMS campaigns, you should also send your messages in the right way.  Here are a few tips to explain how you can get the right balance with bulk SMS marketing in Nepal.

Get customers’ consent before communicating

While creating a Bulk SMS campaign, you should make sure that you have clear, legitimate customer lists that are only colonized once customers consent to be contacted.

Once you’ve asked for their consent, customers will expect to receive messages, so try to send your first message to them sooner rather while your brand is fresh in the minds of customers. That might be sending Welcome/ Thank You SMS message.

It’s also important to update messaging lists constantly in accordance with customers subscribing or unsubscribing, as well as noting any numbers from which messages are bouncing.

Know what customers want and when they want it

Every message should add value to your customers. It might be in the form of a discount, special offer, tip or notice of an impending sale. Customers will only look forward to receiving a message in the future if your message can add some value successfully.

Ensure that your messages are targeted properly. There’s no point in sending an SMS to someone who is unreachable and is out from your niches.

Find out the best time that provokes a higher engagement rate so that your message response rate is higher and visible.

Establish key metrics and let those decide message frequency

There are several important metrics that can be used to determine the ideal frequency for messaging customers, based on their level of engagement.

The first thing you can do is, examine your open rates to see if you notice any visible trends such as the timing or subject line of messages. Similarly, look at unsubscribe rates for any notable trends among former customers who opted out of messages.

Calculate click-through rates on messages that include a call to action such as ‘buy now’ or ‘enter here’. If a common call to action consistently brings about a high click-through rate, let that dictate message frequency and content.

Regular good messaging is better than sporadic perfect messaging

It’s better to get content out there regularly than to keep holding out for the perfect message. If you are delaying crafting message content, you are missing the opportunities to send messages regularly and increase customer engagement.

You can use previous message content that might work. The best way is to save some catchy SMS templates and send them accordingly. This will help you towards scripting a more perfect message without compromising on message frequency.

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