Bulk SMS for banking and financial institution

Banks and Financial Institutions have been the most professional when it comes to dealing with customers. But, it’s not just enough.

In recent days, banks are using SMS Marketing for alert and notification of their transactions. This allows customers to instantly reach out for information via SMS. With Sparrow SMS services, the bank can send SMS alerts to their customers regarding their bank statements, fund transfers, trading updates and a lot more. It helps to cut out intrusive calls and bad customer experiences, by bringing client-facing services to an SMS platform.

Let’s see how you can use the Bulk SMS services to boost your banking and financial business in the new era of marketing.

1. Automatic Transactional Alert:

You can keep customers informed through instant SMS notifications on every financial transaction, ATM card usage, balance changes, and deposit status. Our Rest based SMS Gateway will help you automate your SMS alerts by integrating Sparrow SMS API into the online applications with best-in-class delivery rates and speeds. SMS software API must be integrated into the existing banking software to provide automatic alerts for each activity.


2. SMS Confirmations of Transactions:

If the customer wants to conduct an online transaction, he can start by using the auto-generated security code received via text. Most internet banking services requisite two-step authentication via SMS for logins and transactions. This helps to send fraud alerts and OTP’s to reduce losses and improve account security.


3. Reduce Costs and Workload:

Call centers and customer help desks are no longer needed for any banking and financial institutions as Sparrow SMS has come with the alternative via text messaging service. Customers can check account balances, transaction history, bill payments, or transfer funds easily and shortly. It will also diminish human error and the workload of the staff.

4. Extend Customer Support:

Banking and financial institutions always have customers with regular queries. These repetitive replies can be automated by SMS services. It is the best and convenient alternative by creating an automated auto-responders campaign using certain keywords. The keywords can be a current balance, overdue, next payment, change the password and so on.

5. Promote New Products and Services:

SMS marketing campaigns also aid to promote new products and get clients to sign up for new services with. You can insert ‘call-to-action’ button where you want your customers to opt in. This will also help to measure client response and fine-tune your campaigns.


6. Customer Service on SMS:

Make your customers feel well served by instantly sending information regarding their queries via SMS. You can make SMS as a tool for customer service and also organize a 2-way communication channel for better user experience.


7. Instant Customer Feedback:

Are your clients happy or unhappy with your service? Is there anything they are uncomfortable about? Get instant feedback on customer experience via SMS that will help to improve the relationship with your customers and match standard performance.

Sparrow SMS – Your Banking SMS Partner

At Sparrow SMS, we understand the unique needs of the financial services industry and can help you hitch the power of text messaging in your business. We offer an SMS platform- SMS APIs and Bulk SMS for all the banking and financial institutions. Whether you need to send promotional messages to your customers or integrate SMS gateway into your banking systems, our team of experts will help you out in every step ensuring that you get the most of your SMS investment.

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For support, contact Sparrow SMS team via marketing@janakitech.com or call 9802005007/8.

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