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Are you getting difficulty in finding the best Bulk SMS gateway provider in Nepal?

We are here to help!

You may have also googled and made a list of them you can choose from. But, choosing the best bulk SMS provider is a challenge. There are some criteria for selecting reliable provider out of so many vendors.

So, how to decide which bulk SMS provider is most suited for your requirements?

At most of the time, the first time users commit the mistake of choosing the vendor who offers low cost.  If you also do such mistake it will definitely effect on your business quality.


How to choose?

If you search online to find out the reputed bulk SMS gateway provider in Nepal, you can find many established companies that will help you integrate SMS API into your website or applications. SMS API helps to send automated notifications, alerts, reminders, OTP’s from your system to the user’s message box. You can send SMS to Ncell, NTC, and Smartcell in Nepal.


1. Quality vs. Price

Some SMS service providers may offer you very low rates than the market rate. But, always remember that quality products never come in lower rates.

You can’t expect quality in SMS delivery and support if you are taking SMS for the lower rate. Service provider’s price will highly depend on the quality of service they provide.

So it’s smart to look for market standard price rather than the cheaper rated product. In fact, the SMS rate will decrease depending upon the service provider’s volume commitment.


2. Get trial API and demo

Most of the SMS service providers offer you demo or trial account for testing purpose before you purchase from them. They will send you login credentials with API and user manual to integrate with your existing software for sending automatic notifications. You can send the test SMS and be handy with the system and also try all the features like scheduling, report generation, and different modules.

This will help you select the best provider as you can check how reliable it is, easiness, customization, API factors etc. You can then proceed for pricing negotiation if you are okay with everything. Remember not to decide the only the basis of low pricing.


3. Before purchase – clear your queries

You might have lots of queries while testing the demo account or other queries like SMS delivery time, API integration process, Templates, Sender ID details, Customized SMS, Renew information, etc. These important queries should be answered before your purchase, they won’t take responsibility for your confusions. You only get the right product when you tell your complete requirement to the provider.


4. Quick and Professional Customer support

Sometimes technical issues may occur such as server error, late SMS delivery, SMS queued, features not results, and so on. At such times, you need not to worry if you have subscribed to a reliable SMS provider. They have 24/7 technical support team to solve your issues and queries in a low span of time via email, phone calls, live chat, and social media channels.

You can refer to another article which talks about choosing an SMS API Gateway you can trust.



You can try these tips before relying on any Bulk SMS provider in Nepal. This will definitely help you get the reliable SMS service provider smoothing your business communication.

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