SMS Appointment Reminder

SMS is ruling over all the top marketing tools nowadays. All because of its instant, simple and actionable. It’s effective for a business not only because people receive them in their personal device but they actually read them straight away. Setting SMS reminder for your clients helps them grab the discount, events or services that you want to offer. It fits for all sort of businesses like a retail store, medical institutes, hotels, restaurants and so on. SMS reminder has proven to be a fantastic way to remind customers for appointments or upcoming events and offers. This directly helps to convert more business and thus higher returns.

Let’s figure out some bizarre tips to boost the power of your SMS reminders:

Send it 24-48 hours in advance

SMS is instant and people also read it as soon as they get it and act on it immediately. If you send SMS reminder before a week, your customer will have one single week to forget it. So, it’s best to send 1 or 2 days prior to the appointment or event. Sending SMS reminders just before the date will give you and your customer’s time to act upon it.

Write straight to the point 

People get confused if you include misleading information in SMS reminders. SMS reminds should be simple and to the point. Including no more than DATE, TIME and LOCATION (Link to Google map) is necessary. Make sure you don’t go over 3 SMS to remind your customers.

Brief but personal

As mentioned in the previous point, SMS should be brief and short. You should create content without going overboard with the number of characters. The personal touch in SMS further helps your customer to engage with you and hence retains your customer.

For example, Hi Manisha, Just a reminder your next appointment with Dr.Santosh Niraula, 5 Nov, at 3pm.For details call us on 9802005007.

Call to Action

Every time you should tell your customer to get back to you with a final answer either they want to join your event or not. This will raise the attendance rate dramatically. Including CTA in SMS like “confirm by clicking this link” or “to confirm call XXXX XXXX” work wonders.

Sparrow SMS is providing Bulk SMS and SMS Gateway API services for more than a thousand clients yearly. You can send SMS reminder using bulk SMS or integrating automated SMS gateway to your booking application.

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