SMS Service for customer support

No matter how streamlined your product or service is, your customers will always have some queries about it. You have to prioritize those queries on the basis of its seriousness.

As SMS is one of the fastest ways to answer customer queries, most adults consider that valuing their time is the best way to provide a good customer experience. Customers don’t like talking on the phone- but they do like texting. They want immediate and personalized replies to their queries as they are busy in their own routine.

Here are five ways to help your customer support team to simplify your supports and follow-ups with customers.

#1 Instant Support Replies

If you are selling some products that require some installation work, you can expect a lot of incoming questions. The queries might be on setups and installation hassles. SMS works as the best solution to sustain a convenient and fast conversation. So, as soon as you sell your product, make it clear that customers can text your business for customer support. Customer support via bulk SMS can make it likely that they’ll follow through your instructions—and enjoy your product to the fullest.

#2 Reduce Dilemmas with Troubleshooting

Customers get frustrated if they have difficulty getting your service or product to work as expected. They too don’t like to get involved in tedious phone conversations and multiple holds to figure out where their product is going wrong. So, in order to eliminate this long and painful troubleshooting processes, text-based customer support line give them the good surprise of their lives. Business texting lessens the troubleshooting trouble and makes it a more streamlined and great experience.

#3 Soothe Conflict Resolution

When a conflict occurs, a quick response is absolutely essential. You should quickly respond to your client as soon as your customer text in their issue. But remember, texting can be tricky when dealing with a disappointed customer. You should select smart and convincing content to settle the calmness. But then again never give them fake consolation, this will further create a serious issue.

#4 Regulate Responses

Whether your support SMS content is on troubleshooting, resolving conflicts or any cases, it’s important to convey your brand tone in your message content. Texting with certain style guidelines is important. But in case if your customer issue is unique, responses cannot be completely uniform. Still, you can make sure that most of the messages your team sends out are similar in tone by creating template messages for common responses to customers. SMS templates can be easily personalized and ensure your team’s initial responses fast and on-brand.

#5 Simplify Final Follow-ups

The job of support officer does not only limit to successfully resolving an issue and winning a customer’s goodwill but still, there is plenty of opportunities to let your customers know that he or she is a valued. After you have resolved the issue, you can schedule a message to be sent later after few days. You can ask whether the product is running smoothly after the issue or if your customer is satisfied with the conflict resolution.

Every business wants to have a great customer support team providing faster and most convenient service to their customers. To make the process easy and successful, talk to us about setting text SMS for your business today.




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