7 Sizzling Phrases for Summer SMS Marketing Campaign

Winter just passed away with its freezing blizzards.

With the change in season, all the businesses are making their plans to serve this summer sun.  

Sparrow SMS is here to help you this summer in your SMS Marketing Campaign.

We have prepared the list of powerful phrases to give you a helping hand that is guaranteed to get the right response. These phrases will help you use some creative, summer-themed language, no matter what your product or service is.

Let’s explore them:

1. Sizzling

We’ve used it already on our title so let’s start with this one. It’s the simple yet redolent phrase that can be used with for any business. For restaurants and bar, it instantly makes you think of heat, flames, and barbeques. This word combined with food immediately makes your mouth water and while you use this with the word ‘offer’ or ‘deal’, it instantly builds excitement.

2. Hot

As a marketer, we all are familiar with the word ‘Hot’. It defines something trendy like hot topics. This summer you can talk about your latest offers available to your customers. Send them Bulk SMS suggesting them to check out your hot new range of products adding these words as; ‘Hot deals’ or ‘Hot new offers’.

3. Chill

This popular five letter word ‘Chill’ immediately makes us think about the icy lemonade or something that’s cool. Chill literally refers to cooling off from the summer heat or the more meaning to relax.  You might use this word to invite tourists to ‘come and chill’ in your lounge bar or to enjoy the ‘chill’ of an ice cold beer as they watch the football World Cup.

4. Summer Sun

Summer Sun is another versatile phrase that can be applied to many different kinds of offers and promotions. This phase always gets a positive reaction. It works wonder if you own a clothing closet. You might try a message such as “Enjoy the summer sun in style with our all-new beach range”, while a riverside beach might run something such as “Make the most of the summer sun with 3 nights for just Rs.999”

5. Splash out

This phrase calls a water-based wordplay that can be great for river beaches or waterpark like Kathmandu fun valley. These parks might open with a phrase as “Splash out this summer…” This is perfect to promote holiday parks, riverside beaches and other attractions that offer exactly this.

6. Hit the waves

Another phrase that conjures up all the right images of water waves. This is a great one for rafting and kayaking as Nepal is popular for these adventures. Travel agencies and riverside hotel resorts can use this phrase as “This summer hit the waves at just 999”

7. Blazing

The next sun-fuelled summer word that just is best for promoting offers with any new deals. For example, It can be used as “Check out our blazing hot summer deals…”

All the above words and phrases work wonders if it’s played carefully and cleverly. Choose the most appropriate for your brands and your audience and then decide to use it in the best way possible.

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