Power of Bulk SMS to Amplify the Business of Manpower Agencies

How useful can be Bulk SMS for Manpower Agencies in Nepal?

Candidates are always looking around for better jobs in abroad countries with better payment and facilities whereas, manpower agencies have a hard time to communicate with candidates in a faster and cost-effective way.

Bulk SMS has been proven to become the fastest way to reach your target audience. This simple yet very effective marketing strategy can do beyond imagination for manpower agencies. With Sparrow SMS, you can enjoy a lot of Bulk SMS marketing benefits to fill vacancies at a greater pace.

Sparrow SMS can allow you to rapidly communicate new opportunities to your candidate database. Manpower agencies can bring improvement to their job interviews attendance rates with text message reminders, and placed candidates can be reminded of recurring tasks by making use of recurring text messages.

In light of this, Here are 7 benefits of Bulk SMS to amplify the business of Manpower Agencies and ensure that you’re utilizing business SMS to its full potential.

1. Fill Job Vacancies Quicker

Manpower agencies may have numerous job vacancies that require the qualified candidate to fill them rightly. SMS text messaging send alert to potential candidates for a new job that aids to fill the job openings in high speed. As soon as you notify a job opening, you can easily send a message to your job seekers list making it easy for recruiters to fill vacancies quickly. This will provide the candidates with all of the information they need to know.

2. Inform Job Seekers of New Openings

With Bulk SMS service, you can notify applicants for new job openings within minutes.  SMS marketing not only increases the speed at which you can contact candidates, but also the way you can segment your alerts. With the Sparrow SMS, you create a different group that enables you to create a separate group of job seeker as per their qualification, interest, and skills. So, you can send the SMS to different groups depending on their qualification and skill in respect to the requirements of vacancies. This will also help the job seeker to engage in new openings as they receive SMS of his interest and concern.

3. Send Reminder for Schedule Interviews

Finalizing the possible candidates is not just enough. You have to make sure that all of them are successfully present on the interview date. A simple automated SMS reminding them about the date and time of their interview will uphold the presence of all candidates. It could even reduce the likelihood of a candidate getting lost by including a map to the business and give them instant interview tips.

4. Foster Better Relationship with Candidate and Staff

The mutual relationship between the candidate and staff are required to match each other’s requirements. Improving the experience for a candidate can lead to ongoing relationships and future contracts with businesses. Rather than sending an ineffective email or making an intrusive and ill-timed phone call, you can send the candidate job application updates via text message. This will reduce the number of inbound phone calls and enable employees to focus on other areas of the business. Relevant job updates and information helps to improve applicant and client relationships.

5. SMS is cost-effective and Improve Productivity

Texting the relevant vacancies to the job seekers will allow your manpower agency to significantly reduce the number of unwanted outbound and inbound calls while lessening the over-dependence on other marketing channels. This will save your money as you can get the desired result texting a bulk message instantly at the same time.

6. Inform Job Seeker of an Application Status

Bulk SMS service helps to get information about the application status of candidates instantly. You can insert links to drive your candidates to acquire extra information about companies or employment status, in text messages. This will make the candidates secure as they can check whether they are recruited or not.

7.  Attract Talent

Customized messages can be sent to the candidates that peak an individual’s curiosity. This will generate interest in the vacancy and attract qualified job seekers. Once you obtain a response, you are free to send updates or schedule interviews.

Now, you are aware of the benefits of Bulk SMS for your business.

If you are getting the problem to initiate the Bulk SMS service for your manpower agency.

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