Tour and Travel Industries be benefited with Bulk SMS Service

Are you excited to know how can tour and travel industries be benefited with Bulk SMS Service?

Let’s go straight to the point:

Being Nepal a hotspot destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers, the tourism industry has been the mainstream industry in the generation of revenue and foreign exchange in Nepal. With the boom of the tourism sector, tour and travel industries are earning their income solely depending on the number of traveler and their service users. 

This has emerged the need to promote the tour and travel industry in all possible aspect. And Bulk SMS is one of those effective ways of promotion that allows tours and travels to endorse their brand by sending quick details regarding their tour packages which include their departure and arrival dates, hotel details, foods, etc. to their clients.

Bulk SMS services help the travel industry to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and building loyalty. Further, it aids in the making of new clients while retaining the existing ones.

Besides being the best medium to reach masses in quick time, here are the other benefits of Bulk SMS services for tour and travel industries that helps to leave an overwhelming impact on the customers:

1. Confirm Appointment and Booking

Whenever the new booking is done by a customer, this is the first thing which all the customers prefer to receive. Just after they are done with the booking, he or she can receive an instant SMS with their booking details including the date of trip, departure time, arriving time, hotel details, food, sightseeing, local traveling, etc. These alerts can be sent automatically from invoicing applications of travel agents using Sparrow SMS. This will make your customer feel comfortable and satisfied about their journey and allows companies to improve efficiency by allowing employees to focus on other tasks, while customers benefit from the immediate notification and helpful reminder sent straight to their phone.

Bulk SMS services can also be used to alert customers to any complications in their appointment or delays in services. For example, a restaurant may want to use text messaging to notify a party when their table is ready. A travel agency might alert a client if there have been delays in pick-up or drop-off times. This use of SMS helps the business provide better customer service and cuts down on unnecessary wait time for the customer.

2. Alerts Related to Cancellation, Delays, and Changes

You may face numerous uncertain cancellation, delays, and changes in travel business regarding fights, train or buses, hotel booking, reservation, etc. In such a case, you cannot waste your time updating the information to your customers individually. Bulk SMS service can help you avoid call costs and send the information quickly to the large audience. Yet, it is the unique and cost-effective tool that can reach your customers quickly & effectively.  So, you can alert your customers regarding possible delay or cancellation through the last minute SMS.

3. Special Offer Alert

Do you have a special event coming up? Or you have any special discount offers on your new service?

Giving special offers, coupon code and discounts have now become a popular trend for every tour and travel business. You can send them alerts by offering important information or special promotions to the large audience. You can send information about the latest offers, discounts, and coupons by sending alert attracting more customers. Bulk SMS service allows you to send the message instantly at low cost compare to other forms of marketing.

4. Relationship Building

Another way to build a relationship with your customers is by sending personalized messages to your client base in order to build stronger customer relationships. Bulk SMS is a great way to effectively and efficiently send personalized messages to your clients. Whether it is to thank a customer for staying at your hotel, or sending a special message on their birthday, or wish them for the safe journey. There are a number of ways that tour and travel companies can utilize texting to connect with customers on a regular basis.

5. Get Valuable Feedback or Information

Feedbacks are essential to accomplishing valuable insights in gaining benefit in your business. Bulk SMS services help in clearing queries and confusion of potential customers that result in establishing good relations with them. It leaves an everlasting impression on the clients and helps in maintaining good relations in the tourism industry.

Using bulk SMS service to gather customer feedback allows you to learn more about your customers, while also gaining valuable information about how you can improve your customer service as well as your service offerings. This not only helps you make changes that will grow your business but also shows the customer that you genuinely care about their experience with your brand.


After reading this post, it’s clear that bulk SMS marketing has all the potential to entirely change the whole picture of the travel industry by increasing ROI. There are many ways you can explore bulk SMS services for your tour and travel industry.

If you are looking for Bulk SMS service in Nepal for your business contact us at Sparrow SMS. You will automatically feel the dramatic changes in your traveling business.

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