In recent years, the penetration and frequent usage of smartphones is a rising phenomenon. People prefer smartphones for a quick look at their makeup face to managing their cash in the digital wallet.

Smartphone has become the ultimate companion of human beings.  In fact, they are addicted to their mobile. It’s the first thing they communicate with after rising from their bed.

But, how can businesses leverage this behavior?

Here’s the interesting stat:

According to the latest Nepal telecom report, the smartphone penetration in their network is 52 percent. That means more than half of Nepalese use smartphone today. The latest trend in smartphone penetration in Nepal shows it grows by 10 percent each year. In the year 2016, the value crossed 40 percent whereas this value increases 50 percent in 2017. With the trend, we can expect it to go much higher in 2018.

This clearly speaks this behavior and have analyzed opportunities that business should consider:

1. Mobile the more popular device, 4G the more favored technology

Looking back to the previous 2 years, it is found that the penetration of smartphone has beaten laptops. People are addicted to smartphones as they use it throughout the day to perform their activities and remain updated.

4G adoption is expected to grow in high pace to become the predominant data network with the growth of monetary transaction through mobile phones. The report shows that checking bank balances, paying utilities and service bills followed by transferring money within the country and abroad are the most popular financial transactions on smartphones.

This means that customers prefer paying bills as a repetitive task and they don’t want to spend too much time on this. Transactions can be done on the go and the availability of high-speed 4G technology is a key enabler for customers to transact securely and quickly.

Knowing the fact, your customers are on mobile. Let’s make your business promotion even quicker and increase your brand’s recall and usage. Make this even more effective by using Sparrow SMS bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS Marketing is the best way to influence customer behavior by promoting your products and services with CTA button and offers.

2. Instantly Generate More Business and enhance the customer experience

There’s no better way to generate revenue quickly than sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns to your customers. SMS marketing has the potential to impact your bottom line quickly enhancing your marketing campaign.

Research on mobile phone users shows that 40% of consumers are very interested in receiving mobile offers, so it’s a great deal to use the potential of SMS as a tool to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Timely offers, discounts, and promotions sent by text have proven to be six times more effective than email marketing, improving the impact on your bottom line.

SMS campaign management solutions take your marketing efforts to the next level. It helps to enforce your customers make the first step with inbound messaging. This gives the customer the suppleness to interrelate with your brand’s promotions, in which they text a specified keyword to access your key marketing messages.

While 65% of email is spam, less than 10% of SMS is, meaning your customers are much more likely to convert to a text message. This will improve your chances of increasing revenue even more with better enhancement of customer experience.

3. The right time to reach out to customers

The research also found that there are two things consumers check on their smartphones, first thing in the morning and last thing in the day. These are followed by personal emails and text messages. 61% of respondents look at their devices in less than 5 minutes after waking up. Interestingly, 74 % of respondents look at their mobile phones about 15 minutes before preparing to sleep.

By this, we know the time when users are more receptive to checking their phones. Sparrow SMS Bulk SMS Messaging platform allows you to schedule campaigns capturing the most effective time of the day to market your business.


It’s high time you upgrade your business to think mobile, plan mobile and execute mobile. The change has already begun.

Make sure you are present on the channels where your customers are. Don’t miss out on capturing your most important customers.

Sparrow SMS brings to you the solution that enables your business to be most responsive to change. Businesses have already subscribed to SMS marketing to their brands; make sure you have done this too.

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