5 Reasons why SMS Marketing is better than Email Marketing

Email Marketing vs. SMS marketing is one of the most argued topics within the marketing industry for years. However key questions are still being asked that proves SMS marketing is better than Email marketing, such as;

What do customers prefer? What one gives a high ROI? These are the key questions that still being asked while making marketing strategies.

We have mentioned some of the facts that help you make the best decisions for your business strategy.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of SMS marketing, as it represents one of the fastest growing forms of mobile communication for businesses and their customers.

1. Higher Open Rate

A researcher has found that 60% of people in the world own a mobile phone compared with 40% who have access to the internet.

So, if you go only with Email marketing, you are losing that 20% Engagement opportunity.


Approximately 98% of text messages are opened and read within the first three minutes of delivery. That’s an incredible stat that shouldn’t be ignored.

Being carrying the paybacks of higher open and response rate compared to email marketing, it has been the ideal choice for small and large companies.

This has leveraged SMS messages to get their message across the larger audience with more engagement that defiantly boosts your business profit. This counts a reason why SMS marketing is better than Email Marketing.

2. SMS is faster than Email

SMS messages are delivered immediately.

Here’s a stat that can make any business marketer sit up and take note:

People are 8 times more likely to respond to a text message compared to email.

In addition, it takes the average person to respond to a text within 5 minutes compared with the email which has an average response time of 1 hour 4 minutes!

That’s great right!

SMS marketing conveys quick attention, driving a deeper personal touch.

Let’s say you want to give information about the weekend offer but you are running out of time.


If you go with Email to promote your offer you can’t get sure that your customers even open your email.


If you go with SMS you can check your delivery report with a high response rate.

You can get the fast response from customers with their quick business decision.

3. SMS is Cheaper

SMS campaign may seem more expensive when you look at the per message cost.


You do save on the costs that come with creating emailers. Email campaign demands creativity and design that are compatible across mail clients.

Like, you need a graphic designer to design your email and copywriter to write fruitful and engaging content.

In SMS marketing all, you need to create 160 characters and you can cut the long story short and hit the target right away.

As a business, you’re no longer limited to simply sending the text. You can incorporate graphics, video, audio, URLs, and more with desired CTA.

4. Less spam

The only fact that mark SMS marketing as the best marketing strategy is, spam box doesn’t exist.

But, In Email marketing, there is a high possibility of your email treated as spam.

This is the plus point of SMS marketing. That is why SMS open rate is higher than any other marketing.

People who want to receive SMS usually read them, but given the volume of emails and format of the communication, it is a fact that they might treat so many emails as spam.

5. High volume capacity

SMS is about creating action.

It’s stress-free to read, respond, or handle 20-30 messages per day. Text messages make an impression because of its format and the speed.

A well-shaped SMS, sent at the right time, with a proper call-to-action can create and increase customer engagement.

So, you can easily build your strategy around attention. Figure out where that attention is, deploy your strategy and convert that strategy into leads.

These are the major reasons that prove why SMS marketing is better than Email marketing.

And you are ready to go!

That’s it. Feel free to post your feedback.

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