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First of all, let’s talk simply about SMS. Short Message Service, commonly known as SMS is one of the
most used technologies in mobile to send text messages. Either through a company or from your loved ones you surely have received at least one SMS on your mobile phone haven’t you?

SMS has become an easy and accessible medium of communication in the last 10 years in Nepal. The
length of a single SMS consists of up to 160 characters, and if it crosses 160 characters it is counted as
two messages although it comes under the same paragraph.

How Effective is bulk sms service in Marketing?

Currently, SMS has become a source of marketing which is also known as ‘Marketing via text message’.
On an average basis each day people send around 18.7 billion texts to each other globally whereas, in
the context of Nepal, the number reaches an average of 3,00,000 SMS per day. With this data, you can
analyze how vast the SMS market is.

Bulk SMS service not only saves your time but also makes your task easy and helps to promote your
company as well as your product. Whereas one of the commonest questions we’re asked by potential
users of our bulk SMS service is regarding the protection of the data.

It’s a completely understandable concern, if you’re about to upload all your customer data onto a new
supplier’s bulk SMS system, you want to be convinced that it’s not going to be flogged onto some other
company to use as they see fit. Companies are not being paranoid in seeking assurance that their bulk
SMS data is secure and won’t be passed on to any third party.

Why Sparrow SMS?

Verging on the SMS market our company ‘Sparrow SMS’ is the best SMS marketing platform in Nepal.
Initiated by Janaki Technology in 2010, Sparrow SMS is a leading bulk sms service provider in Nepal with a tagline
‘Power of Text’ and the simple goal of providing SMS services to the general public as well as business
enterprises to communicate and promote their products and business through some simple texts.

Bulk SMS, SMS Gateway API, Viber business messaging, SMS voting, SMS short codes, and Custom SMS
Applications are some of the products we have launched till now and will surely grow in near future. If
your search for bulk SMS service providers in Nepal on google you can easily see our website at the top.

Elucidate about bulk SMS is a way of mass texting at a time. For a more precise understanding here is an
example, suppose that you run a company and you have a lot of contact numbers to whom you have to
send messages but you lack time in this case if you use our bulk SMS service you can easily send that
the message within a few seconds.

We would never, pass on, sell or allow access to any customer data held on Sparrow SMS systems. All
data is password protected and stored on highly secure servers. Customers who no longer wish to use
their bulk SMS system can request account deletion along with all customer data ever stored on the

If you are interested in bulk sms system, please reach out at 9802005007/08 or you can request a quote by clicking here.

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