SMS for retail business

In the past few decades, we can see the dramatic changes in how the retail game is played.  As retail business always comes down to the customer experience, it requires unique marketing efforts and excellent customer service. Yes, the retail business solely depends on what the customer might look but where they are or when they are looking has become one of retail’s biggest challenges. Likewise, with the toughest competition, there still remains a battle for customers’ loyalty.

So, its urgency to turn the threat posed by new channels and technology into an opportunity to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The solution is SMS!! Yes, SMS,

Reason why?

Text SMS allows for personalized and direct engagement with interested customers directly to their mobile phone.  As retail business is not just about the goods and services you offer but the better experience for your retail success.

Let’s have a look at the top four ways to use automated SMS for retail marketing and sales:

Confirmation of an order

What happens once you place an order is as important as making the sale in the first place.

Integrating SMS service with your order handling system, you can keep your customers in the loop regarding the delivery time and other details. A thank you and confirmation of their order puts the customers’ mind at ease immediately and also starts off the customer relationship on the right foot.

Delivery notifications

Your customers are desperately waiting for the delivery of their ordered product. So, keeping your customers updated with when they can expect their delivery or even notify the late deliveries via SMS can help them to maintain their patience peacefully.

Stock updates

Unavailability of the stock is annoying for both customers and business. With SMS, the retail store can send automated SMS to its customers when it is in stock. The best way is to send text SMS with a link so they can purchase it quickly and easily.

Renewals or reminders

Some retail businesses might have weekly, monthly or yearly subscription models into their business. Such businesses require automated SMS reminders to communicate info about their account.

There are many ways that SMS can help retailers and their business, if you want to talk through how texting would work for your business, or even see a demo of how Text Request works, just checkout our Demo page.

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